Bringing A Newbie On A Winter Climb But Where?

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Bringing A Newbie On A Winter Climb But Where?

by Erik Beeler » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:37 am

Hey All,

Its been a while since I have really posted here at all but when I started to have the idea about bringing my nephew up a mountain I though this would be the perfect place to start devising a plan. He is in college now and a varsity football player, so very fit and agile. He has almost zero technical climbing experience but has been up a few walls.

I would like to take him up a mountain and one of our better windows of opportunity is between Thanksgiving and New Years. So cold her in North America. I am looking for a mountain that is a commitment not easy but has lower objective hazards. If I could skip dealing with crevasses and avalanches that would be great. He is from MN and able to deal with cold well and I have winter mountaineering experience including an ascent of Liberty Ridge in winter conditions.

I have considered exiting the country and looking for a mountain in Central America but that raises the logistical challenges including getting him a PassPort etc. Gear won't be an issue because I am pretty sure I can get him equipped while he is in MN from friends there.

OK so where? Central America or the West/South West US come to mind. I have done a winter ascent of Mount Democrat and that would be OK but there must be better ones out there. Thanks ahead of time for any ideas.


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Re: Bringing A Newbie On A Winter Climb But Where?

by ExcitableBoy » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:42 am

The Mexican volcanoes could be a good choice. They should enjoy good weather and conditions at some point during that time period. Mexico would be a better bet than most North American mountain ranges.

A trip to the NE U.S. would be cool. You could go mountaineering the Presidentials or Whites, or go ice climbing in Lake Willoughby, VT, New Hampshire, or the Adirondacks.

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