Timberline Trail - Summer 2013

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Timberline Trail - Summer 2013

by Noah (Oregon) » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:31 pm

Timberline Trail - Summer 2013

I am the guy who originally set up this "route" as part of the Mt. Hood page. I fully understand that it is not a summit route but everyone was cool about that and folks seem to be happy to have the beta regarding this awesome loop. That said, it has been a few years and there have been some issues that have impacted the trail, specifically wildfires and landslides. 2007 was a rough time for the trail and I am curious about its current state of repair.

So, if you have any current beta from up on the trail, please post it here. If you have questions, post them here as well and I'll try to answer them. When I did the trail (back-to-back summers), I was able to run/hike it all in a single, 11 hour day (each time). I don't know how feasible that is if the trail is not in good condition. In any case, I would really appreciate any updated information that we can add to the route page regarding current conditions. Thanks so much!

http://www.summitpost.org/timberline-tr ... ion/168166

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