Vegas trail priorities

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Vegas trail priorities

by MoapaPk » Sat May 28, 2011 6:58 pm ... 66603.html

The story above is about a plan to spend several million developing a 1.2-mile trail on the outskirts of Vegas.

While I am pro-preservation, and all for good trails, this one strikes me as odd and expensive. It is a bizarre counterpoint to California's budget woes, where they are seeking 22 million to keep some real gems open.

The area described is barren and nondescript. I love hiking through the desert, but even I would rush through this area. This area will be hot and unpleasant for much of the year. Having seen the almost total lack of use for other multi-million dollar facilities that have been built in the low-elevation outskirts of Vegas, I have to wonder what they are thinking. Maybe this a benign public works project to keep the ranks of Las Vegas construction companies working; maybe it's a different color of money that "has to be spent."

A very nice trail up Black Mountain was built by a local in his spare time, for no charge. That trail gets a lot of use, and is in a far more scenic area. Officials tend to describe these non-official trails as "unsustainable," but the Black Mountain trail shows no signs of erosion, and is thoughtfully switchbacked (unlike many BLM-created trails).

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Re: Vegas trail priorities

by lcarreau » Sun May 29, 2011 3:07 am

Definitely money of a different colour.

Hope the Forest Service doesn't get involved, as they screw up everything they touch.

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