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Location Lat/Lon: 41.72597°N / 23.49409°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 9354 ft / 2851 m
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Polezhan 2851
Polezhan 2851m.
Polezhan(2851m.) is the 5th highest summit in Pirin range,in southwest Bulgaria.It is situated in the central part of north Pirin and unlike Vihren marble massive in the far north parts,it is from granite rock.The shape of the peak is like cone as seen from all its sides.Polezhan is surrounded by three circues with three groups of lakes - Disilishki in the north,Polezhanski in the south and Strazhishki in the west.Like most of the peaks in Bulgarian mountains,Polezhan is very easy climb in summer conditions (if the weather is good),and it can be chalenging in winter.Exept for the northeast ridge,wich is the normal route,all the other sides are seriosely avalanche dangerous.It is important to mention not only the quite easy northeast ridge,but also the northwest one,called Strazhite.Strazhite (the guards)is long,exposed,rocky and narrow,and is a quite serious traverse,good for well prepared moutaineers.Polezhan peak has one of the best views - one can see from its summit all of Pirin range and also the Rila range in the north.
The classic route is trough the northeast ridge.It starts from Bezbog hut at 2230m.,its not difficult or too steep,exept of the last part to the summit,wich is about 45-50 degrees.From the hut to Polezhan it takes 2,5-3 hours.
Other route is from Demianitza hut trough the west (Strazhishki) circue and the west slope.This route is very beautiful,with lakes,rock faces and nice flora surrounding,but it is highly reccommended only for summer conditions or stable snow,because of avalanche danger.It takes 5-6 hours from the hut to the summit.
The third route is trough the north ridge (the guards),its good for all year,but its a serious travers.Rope,crampons and a ice axe are needed.

Getting There

Polezhan 2851m.Bezbog hut (2230m.)
Strazhite ridgeThe Strazhite ridge in early winter as seen from the west.The highest point of the ridge is the most right peak.Behind it part of the slope of Polezhan can be seen (much less rocky than the others)
The starting point to Demianitza hut is the town of Bansko.It is the major bulgarian ski resort.From the capital city Sofia there are buses approximately every hour.They start from the central bus station,which is in the center of the city.The transfer to Bansko is about 2,5-3 hours (177 kilometers) and it should cost not more than 9 euro.From the town there is a well marked path to Demianitza hut - the summer marking is BLUE strapes on trees and rocks,and the winter marking is iron poles,coloured in black and yellow.The trek from Bansko to the hut is about 3,5 hours.You can also take a taxi to the mountain road up,which goes to Vihren,and stop at Bistritza hotel.There you can connect with the path,and from there its only 2 hours to the hut.The taxi to Bistritza hotel should cost not more than 7 euro.Demianitza hut is in the valley of a river with the same name at the altitude of 1895m.The place is very beautiful - at the end of the forest,with a view to the rocky peaks of north Pirin.The hut is a two floor building with about 50 beds.In the summer there are drinks and food,and the hutowner is allways there.It is usualy very visited.In the winter its much harder reachable,and that is why you will often see the hut deserted.No matter of that,its allways opened,there are trees and fireplace,blankets also,but you will not find any food.Demianitza hut is a starting place not only to Polezhan,but to many other peaks and destinations - Vihren hut(4,5 hours),Tevno ezero hut(3,5 hours),Todorka peak-2746m.(3 hours)...
The starting point to Bezbog hut is the town of .Its situated in six kilometers east from Bansko.You can take a taxi to there.From Dobrinishte there is a 15 kilometers mountain road,that leads to Gotze Delchev hut.There is a chair lift from there to Bezbog hut (2230m.).The area is perfect for skiing and it is not so expensive like Bansko.There are many ski routes and much more slopes with powder snow,so that is why it is the most prefered place by the freeride skiers.Bezbog hut,unlike Demianitza,is very popular in the winter - sometimes in the winter,especially in the weekends,you may not be able to find free overnight place - and it is not so popular in the summer.The building is very big and modern,there is hot water,drinks and food,night bar!!!,and many other comforts.The cost of the chairlift is about 4 euro one way.

Red Tape

No taxes must be payed for entering the Pirin National Park
No taxes for the peak
In the teritory of the national park there are rules of behaviour:


Map of PirinMap of Pirin
You can stay in hotel or gesthouse in Bansko and Dobrinishte.The costs can be very different,depending of the quality of the hotel.The conditions in the huts are more basic,but you will have the advantage to be in the mountain - the cost for an overnight in a hut is usualy between 5 and 7 euro.In the huts,unlike the hotels,you will be able to pay only with the local currency,wich is Bulgarian Lev (one euro=two levs).Camping is allowed only in the places that are marked for this - usualy close to the huts.


Polezhan 2851m.Polezhan


[img:456853:alignright:small:Polezhan][img:469148:alignleft:small:Winter Pirin from Bansko]



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