Popova Sapka-Orlovi Steni-Titov Vrv

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Macedonia/Serbia & Monte Negro, Europe
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Popova Sapka-Orlovi Steni-Titov Vrv
Created On: Oct 25, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 25, 2005


The best way is to go from Skopje (capitol of R.M.) to Popova Sapka ski-resourt with car. It's one hour long drive aproximatly 75 Km. The road is excelent and even taxi is a good option becouse is cheep - not more than 20 euro from Skopje to Popova Sapka.

Route Description

Normal route for Titov Vrv is starting in the Hut named Smreka. You should follow the bad macadam road for some hour and a half. After the start of mountaineering markation you will reach to the place named "Orlovi Steni" (Eagles Rocks) (here is the photo). After Orlovi Steni the path is continuing with real climb. It is pretty much easy to orientated because the red-mountaineering markation is almost on every meter until the top. This is normal route so it is not very hard average mountaineer could reach to the summit in 2 hours from this point. Only two demanding parts should be next climbs - first peak Bakrdan, which is on the route (but you don't have to climb - you just passing this peak). Second hard part of the route is before the summit the final hill from the north side it is almost vertical. Also when you reach the plate before the summit there are two heliodroms marked with huge letter (H).

Two very important notes:

1. In winter conditions with snow and fog don't try to climb Titov Vrv without GPS or quide. Weather condition could be changed in two hours on Shar Planina.
2. Follow markation because you could miss the peak Titov Vrv and finished on the peak Bakrdan.
3. This is half-day route only for Titov Vrv. This means that you can make choice to climb on peaks, which are on Shar Planina in more days and in different routes.

Essential Gear

Summer - just a regular equipment.

Winter - don't go without plastic boots, GPS, rope (just in case), Ice axe

Not very creative, but thats it.

Miscellaneous Info

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Popova Sapka-Orlovi Steni-Titov Vrv

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