Rocks and a castle

Rocks and a castle

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Man's activity in mountains can be sometimes very spectacular! Rocky castles are an evidence for that!

The Bolczow Castle is situated in the northern rocky part of Rudawy Janowickie Mts.
A diagram of the northern...

It is rcognized as a very original building among others mediaeval defence castles in Poland. It is almost ideally composed together with rocks on which it is erected. Its upper part is the oldest one (XIV c.) and probably was established by the knight Bolczow. In the 1-st half of the XVth c. the castle was occupied by soldiers of John Huss from Bohemia. In 1433 burghers from Swidnica conquered and destroyed this castle. At the end of the XVth c. the castle was rebuilt. During the period 1520-1550 a lower part of the castle was built on. In 1645 the castle was occupied by Swedes and then completely burnt. Since this time the castle exists as a ruin, now very interesting for tourists and also for rock climbers. Outside and inside of the castle's walls and rocks there are four tors for climbers (red letters A-D on the diagram).
A diagram of the Bolczow...

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