Rocks of the Rudawy Janowickie Mts. - "Piec"

Rocks of the Rudawy Janowickie Mts. - "Piec"

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The rock "Piec" is spectacular because of its largest overhang seen anywhere in Rudawy.

The rock "Piec" like any others is situated in northern part of Rudawy Janowickie Mts.
A northern part....
This rock is well known because of its spectacular overhang. Such a shape of rock results from a specific structure of its granite. An aplite veins runs horizontally in the middle and preserves upper part against weathering. This huge overhang was in the past a good shelter for many people. "Piec" is very close to another good climbing rock called "Skalny Most" and just presented in another SP album.
A scheme of ...
"Piec" offers for climbers four tors of a rate V to VI.3 on its western wall. Radioactivity of this rock is increased (0.39 microSv) but it is not dangerous for people.


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