Storzic SW Ravine Ski Tour

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.35060°N / 14.40910°E
Additional Information Route Type: Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: AD (up to 40 degrees)
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A self-made map of Storzic...
Storzic and its routes. Our ski tour is #3.
JFS - The couloir
JFS - Javornik ravine

This is a difficult ski tour (AD, up to 40 degrees). Some parts are steep and exposed. The tour should not be done in hard snow. In the Javornik ravine there's a big danger of avalanches. In good conditions the tour offers a great experience!

0. General. From 650 m to 2132 m, exposition SW. Below 600 m of light forests, above a steep, broad ravine and an airy summit slope.

1. Effort. 1500 m, 4-5 h for ascent

2. Power. 3 - walk-up with skis and on foot

3. Psyche. 4 - hard. Exposed and steep (ca. 35+ deg.) upper part.

4. Orientation. 3 - medium (to Javornik), above it's easy.


See the main page of Storžič how to reach the Povlje village. In winter and spring we need to park in the village, while in summer and autumn a forest road ascends some 100 m higher. The parking place (700 m of altitude) is on the crossroads, where the asphalted road turns right (towards weekend huts) and a weaker cart-road continues straight-left.

Route Description

Storzic - Javornik ravine
Javornik ravine

From Povlje we follow the steep asphalted road, ascending towards the north. On the crossroads (parking place there) we leave it, following the marked path straight (over the meadow) towards Velika Poljana and Javornik. After some 20 minutes also this marked path branches. We choose the right path (left goes to Velika Poljana meadow) - actually in the recent years there's already a mountain road. Ascending through a light forest we traverse the slopes more and more towards the right (NE). After 1 h 30 min we come out of the forest. Left above us we see the hut on Javornik meadow.

(As this description is useful also for the summer tour, let's mention that Javornik meadow can be also reached from Velika Poljana, the meadow more towards the west. Two trails are traversing the slopes: the upper one is a comfortable ex cart-road, the lower one is a usual marked trail.)

The SW ravine of Storzic
The SW ravine of Storzic, seen from Javornik meadow

From Javornik meadow we follow the valley (ravine) all the time towards the north-east. Orientation is simple, but we need to take care of avalanches. In case of unstable snow everything goes down into this ravine. Higher, ascending is also steep. We can do it with skins, but higher, we continue with skis on rucksack. So we reach the summit rocks of Storžič. The terrain turns us right and gets even steeper. We are heading towards a small saddle in the S-SW ridge (the ridge, running on our right).

From the saddle in the SW ridge we ascend towards the summit, but must soon start traversing the slopes on the right, eastern side. These slopes are exposed to the sun, but are very steep. After traversing them, only the last meters to the highest point must be done.

Essential Gear

The complete gear for tour skiing. In harder snow crampons and ice axe mandatory!

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Summer Route

Javornik ravine scree field
Javornik ravine scree field

Javornik ravine can also be used for a summer ascent - it's one of the easiest routes on Storžič. Only as an ascent route it can be even a bit boring, but it's valuable as a descent route in several combinations. In that case, we can benefit even from a medium-quality scree field, good enough to bring us quickly down some 250 m of altitude.



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