Thursday hike to Red Pine Lake

Thursday hike to Red Pine Lake

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Started Out Great

Red Pine Lake area is a place that for me is always a great place to get lost and forget about work. I started the hike after work Thursday and got to the trailhead around 5. I made really good time and made it to Red Pine just before 6. Took a break for about 10 minutes and then decided to head up to Upper Red Pine Lake. The clouds looked nasty, but I thought I would be alright to continue. After crossing over the lower boulder field the weather turned nasty and hail began to fall. I sought cover from a group of pine trees. Thunder rumbled out and it seemed to sake the ground. Lightning seemed to be flashing right above my head and I could feel the electricity in the air. I decided to lay low and ended up waiting for 30 minutes until it seemed to me to be safe. Not wanting to hang around any loner, I ran down to Red Pine Lake. I took a couple of more photos of Red Pine Lake and then headed down. I felt relief from the cover of the trees over the trail. Getting to the parking lot the thought ran through my mind on how cool it is that I work so close to a place like the Wasatch Mountains. Here are a few pictures I captured from my hike.


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