Wasatch Couloirs

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Wasatch Couloirs
Created On: Jun 13, 2009
Last Edited On: Feb 28, 2017

Wasatch Couloirs

Please feel free to add any pictures you have of a couloir in the Wasatch Range. They can be pictures of climbing up, skiing down, looking at ect..................... you get the idea.

Thunder Mountain's Hypodermic Needle

The Hypodermic Needle- A canidate for the most well known line in the Wasatch, The Hypodermic Needle in Hogum Fork is sure not to dissapoint the big mountain skier/hiker. This couloir is HUGE and STEEP. There are several approaches to the top of the couloir, which include, straight up the couloir, up the couloir half way then traverse right onto the ridge (careful you will be on a hanging snowfield) or up Coalpit Gulch. These routes were listed in increasing difficulty. The top of this couloir approaches 50 degrees so what ever you do...do not fall. Sometimes, depending on the time of the year, there can be a small cliff in the middle so be sure to scout out your line well before getting too far in. Usually this is not an issue. Considering this couloir faces east be sure to get an early start...before the sun melts more danger.
The Hypodermic Needle
The Hypodermic Needle as seen from the Obelisk
The Hypodermic Needle
The Hypodermic Needle from the base.

Tanners Slide Path

Tanners Slide Path- Anyone who has driven up Little Cottonwood Canyon has most likely caught a glimps of this Wasatch beauty. Tanners Slide Path makes a good climbing route (for the Triple Traverse) and an even better ski run. As long as conditions are stable just about anytime of year is a great time for Tanners Slide Path. 
Tanners Slide Path
Tanners Slide Path
Tanners Gulch

The Pfeifferhorn's Northwest Couloir

Pfeifferhorn NW Couloir- Lying in a dark corner of Hogum Fork and comming directly off the summit of Utah's most iconic peak, the Pfeifferhorn, is a couloir that will definately only see the most extreme of skiers. This couloir contains a 50ft cliff in the middle that definatly keeps the rift-raft away. It is extremely steep and even more commiting. A fall in this couloir is a life threating situation. A rope is required and safer than safe avalanche conditions are a must. It is best to scope out this line before daring to attempt it. Its worth the effort if your into extreme skiing at its finest.
The NW Couloir
The dark and quiet NW Couloir.

The Pipeline Couloir
The Pipeline Couloir in May

The American Fork Twin Peak's Pipeline Couloir

The Pipeline Couloir- Despite being seen by just about every skier at Snowbird, this Wasatch Gem usually never sees much traffic. When Snowbird is open this couloir is usually not. Snowbird will arrest those who ignore the closed signs. Every year Snowbird opens up the gates around May so get it while you can if its open. 
The Pipeline Couloir
Looking down The Pipeline Couloir.
The Little Pine Couloir
The Little Pine Couloir

The Little Pine Couloir

Little Pine Couloir- Just below the White Pine Parking lot is a couloir known by UDOT as Little Pine. This steep and almost perfectly straight couloir is a known and frequent avalancher in Little Cottonwood Canyon but is well worth the risk as well as effort that this couloir demands. 
The Limber Pine Couloir
The Little Pine Couloir
Skinning Up The Sliver
Skinning up The Sliver Couloir

Thunder Mountain's Sliver Couloir

The Sliver Couloir- The Sliver is easily considered one of the gems of Hogum Fork, if not of the entire Wasatch. The apron that leads up to the couloir allows you to skin 3/4 of the way up, which is a rariety when it comes to couloirs. The couloir itself is superb, just narrow enough to make turns, but not too wide that you forget you are in it. The view of the surrounding terrain here is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! For anyone who wants to see the beauty of the Wasatch this is the place. If you love a couloirs with an apron on the side than make this one on your to do list.

The Sliver Couloir
The Sliver Couloir
The Lightning Bolt Couloir
The Lightning Bolt Couloir

The Lightning Bolt Couloir

The Lightning Bolt Couloir- More often looked at rather than skied this couloir is more rocky than it looks. The rocks, difficult access routes and its shear steepness keep this couloir out of most peoples plans. Sometimes when the Lightning Bolt Couloir is not filled in the Lightning Bolt Apron skiing can make an okay alternative. 
The Lightning Bolt Apron
The Lightning Bolt Apron
Suicide Chute
The Suicide Chute in mid-winer form

Mt Superior's Suicide Couloir

The Suicide Chute- Not nearly as scary as the name implies, you can find this couloir on the eastern slopes of Mount Superior. When all the other couloirs in the Wasatch are too runneled and suncupped to ski, the Suicide Chute is usually the last remaining skible couloir. 
Skiing the Suicide Chute
Looking down The Suicide Chute
River Crossing
The River Crossing

The Y Couloir

The Y Couloir- If you are looking for a couloir that is relentlessly steep and somewhat difficult to find (the 1st time) than the Y Coulior is just for you. In order to ski this one you will first need to cross the LCC river. Ski strait down from the parking lot and start searching for the river crossing. Once past this crux start heading back down canyon along the river till the couloir appears. Once in the couloir go up, right and then left till you hit the top. Oh ya be sure to bring a helmet along for this one. 
Mount Tuscarora
Mount Tuscarora

The East Couloir (Mt Tuscarora)
The East Couloir

Mt Tuscarora's East Couloir

Mount Tuscarora's East Couloir- Also known to some as the Seagull Couloir this run is one of the steeper couloirs in the Wasatch Range. There are all sorts of hazards that include, but not limited to hidden rocks, large cornices, avalanches, falling rock, large runnels and deep moats. Enjoy this one with caution.
Mount TuscaroraMount Tuscarora
The East Couloir (Mt Tuscarora)The East Couloir


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