Waters in the Sleza Massif

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Waters in the Sleza Massif
Created On: Jun 29, 2008
Last Edited On: Aug 16, 2008

In mountains we enjoy waters very much! We can look at beautiful lakes, small ponds, wild rivers and streams with spectacular waterfalls or slim brooks.

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Looking toward the NW direction, circa eleven kilometers from the summit of the Sleza Mt., there appears a blue surface of the Mietkow Lake. This artificial reservoir was made on the Bystrzyca River. At present the Mietkow Lake is a refuge for many species of water and swamp birds like ducks, geese, herons and white-tailed eagles. The Bystrzyca River collects waters tributed by Czarna Woda (Black Water) from the Kielczynskie Hills and western and northern slopes of the Sleza Massif. The Sulistrowicki Potok (Sulistrowicki Stream) gathers waters from the eastern slopes of the massif. Finally this stream adds its waters to Czarna Woda. Streams flowing from the slopes of the massif are tributaries of two larger rivers, Bystrzyca which passes the massif from the west and Sleza from the east. These both rivers are tributaries of the Odra river, one of the largest in Poland and flowing to the Baltic See. The southern slopes of the Radunia Massif and Oleszenskie Hills are drained by many small streams which are joint together into Lewiec and Oleszna (see a map). The Oleszna River flows through a mild valley between Oleszenskie Hills and located more eastward Lagiewnickie Hills. Nearby Janska Gora (Janska Mt.) built from serpentinite and nephrite the Oleszna River creates a picturesque ravine. The Janska Mt. is an isolated steep hill which is included into the Slezanski Landscape Park, a protected area of the massif. Small short brooks on the southern slopes of Kielczynskie Hills form there a poor water net. Brooks on their northern slopes start from springs of the Czarna Woda River which flows around the western slopes of the massif. The NW part of the Sleza massif formed by granite has more streams flowing also to Czarna Woda. Waters of the whole massif are very clean and, therefore, some rhodophyte, Hildebrandtia rivularis, can grow here (see a locality on the western slopes of the massif). Some attraction of the massif there are deep small dark lakes located between the vertical rocky walls in the past granite quarries. They are located in the NW part of the massif. Sometimes one can find in the vicinity of the massif a very small nice waters stored in the shallow rocky bowls, e.g. in the past metagabbro quarry on the Kunowska Mt., NE of the massif.
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The Sleza Massif waters...


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Waters in the Sleza Massif

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