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Male, 72 years old

California, United States

Power = 1972 (Vote Weight = 97.79%)

A Few Words: We don't conquer the mountains, we only survive them.

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My Areas & Ranges (19)
My Mountains & Rocks (157)
Dune, 5.9 R (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Rump Rock (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Willit Pillar (Joshua Tree National Park)
Pillar of Thoth, 5.7-11a (The Alabama Hills)
Hemingway Buttress, Right Side (Joshua Tree National Park)
Banana Cracks Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Quail Springs East Face/Trashcan Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Schmaltz Rock, 5.7-10b (The Alabama Hills)
DXM Wall (The Alabama Hills)
Nice Tower, 5.9-10b (The Alabama Hills)
Elephant Dome and Snake Dome (Joshua Tree National Park)
Varnished Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Lizard's Hangout (Joshua Tree National Park)
Short Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Southern Blonde (The Alabama Hills)
Cereal Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Cyanide Cliff (Pratt's Crack Area)
Wailing Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Feudal Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
South Mount Klieforth (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Split Rocks Parking Lot (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sunday Matinee Wall (The Alabama Hills)
Grand Canyon (Joshua Tree National Park)
Oz (The Alabama Hills)
Houser Buttress (Joshua Tree National Park)
Grain Surgery Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Billboard Buttress (Joshua Tree National Park)
Locomotion Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hall of Horrors, North and South Horror Rocks (Joshua Tree National Park)
Saddle Rocks (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sidewinder Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Brown Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hall of Horrors, West Wall, East Face (Joshua Tree National Park)
Bankrupt Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hot Tub (Joshua Tree National Park)
Foolproof Tower (Joshua Tree National Park)
Nut Towers (The Alabama Hills)
Earthday Dome (The Alabama Hills)
Arlington Peak (Santa Ynez Mountains)
Tumbling Rainbow Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Lost Eye to the Moon (The Alabama Hills)
Echo Rock, Echo Cove, North Wall, left side (Joshua Tree National Park)
Mission Ridge (Santa Ynez Mountains)
Arizona Dome (The Alabama Hills)
Deadman Summit (Sierra Nevada)
Puppy Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Chicken Ranch (Mount Whitney)
Rocky Top Flagged as needing updates (The Alabama Hills)
The Hideout (The Alabama Hills)
The Playground (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Truffle Tower (The Alabama Hills)
AFPA Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Thug Wall (The Alabama Hills)
Hole In The Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
The Corridors, East End (The Alabama Hills)
Peyote Cracks, west face (Joshua Tree National Park)
Peter Gabriel Cliff (The Alabama Hills)
Hall of Horrors, west Face of the West Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hoodgie Wall (The Alabama Hills)
Orc Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Whitney Cave (The Alabama Hills)
Watanobe Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Cattle Pocket (The Alabama Hills)
Alabama Dome (The Alabama Hills)
Hound Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Candy Store (The Alabama Hills)
Super Roof Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Baskerville Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
North Astro Dome (Joshua Tree National Park)
Vagmarken Buttresses (Joshua Tree National Park)
Tangerine Falls (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Freeway Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Great Burrito (Joshua Tree National Park)
Outhouse Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Roadside Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Manure Pile Buttress/Ranger Rock (Yosemite National Park)
South Astro Dome (Joshua Tree National Park)
IRS Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Skofield Park (Santa Barbara Area Bouldering)
Lower Gibraltar Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Dairy Queen Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Echo Rock area, South Face of Echo Cove (Joshua Tree National Park)
Playhouse Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Lizard's Mouth (Santa Barbara Area Bouldering)
Echo Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Potrero John (Crags of Ojai)
Echo Rock area, Echo Cove, Touch And Go Face (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Fortress (Crags of Ojai)
Rock Hudson (Joshua Tree National Park)
Dihedral Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Brickyard (Santa Barbara Area Bouldering)
The Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Turtle Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Horseshoe Slabs (Rock Formations of Mammoth Lakes)
Painted Cave (Santa Barbara Area Bouldering)
Dike Wall, East Face (Rock Formations of Mammoth Lakes)
Frontier, right side (Little Egypt)
Mussypotemia (Little Egypt)
Lambada Dome (Little Egypt)
Frontier, left side (Little Egypt)
Blob (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Slabs (Pratt's Crack Area)
Dike Wall, north face (Rock Formations of Mammoth Lakes)
Y-Boulder (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Warming Wall (Rock Formations of Mammoth Lakes)
Wavelength (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Wheeler Gorge (Crags of Ojai)
Foothill Crag (Crags of Ojai)
Chimney Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Slab (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Pixie Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Mustache Wall (Pratt's Crack Area)
Hidden Cliff (Joshua Tree National Park)
Black Wall (Crags of Ojai)
Earth Watch (Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge)
Rites Buttress (Pratt's Crack Area)
Moosedog Tower (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Owl (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
The Bolt Ladder (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Upper Gibraltar Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Future Games Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hermit Rock (Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge)
Dihedrals & Gecko wall (Pratt's Crack Area)
Crag Full of Dynamite (Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge)
Wrangler Rock (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
South Face of Gibraltar Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Ministry Wall (Pratt's Crack Area)
Skin Diver (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Green Dome, Kryptor (Crags of Camino Cielo Ridge)
Cold Springs Dome (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
San Ysidro Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Fire Crags (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Thin Wall (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sport Challenge Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Windy Wall (Crags of The Buttermilks Area)
Toxic Waste Wall (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
Quail Springs, West Face (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hemingway Buttress, Central Area (Joshua Tree National Park)
Old Woman (Joshua Tree National Park)
Intersection Rock (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hidden Tower (Joshua Tree National Park)
The Sentinel (Joshua Tree National Park)
Gibraltar Rock (Major Crags of Santa Barbara: Front Range)
My Routes (71)
Onion Valley to Kearsarge Pass Trail (John Muir Wilderness)
Cirque Trail (Rendezvous Mountain, 10,450')
The Waterchute, 10b (Intersection Rock)
West Chimney, 5.6 (Intersection Rock)
Nineteen Oaks Trail (Santa Ynez Mountains)
Gunsmoke Traverse (Joshua Tree National Park)
Heart And Sole, 10a (Echo Rock)
Orphan, 5.9 (Old Woman)
Deviate, 10b (Old Woman)
Dandelion, 10a (Old Woman)
Jesusita Trail (Santa Ynez Mountains)
Original Zigzag, 5.5 (Intersection Rock)
Dike Route, 5.9 (Pywiack Dome)
Bat Crack, 5.5 (Intersection Rock)
Needle Spoon, 10a (Pywiack Dome)
Jerry Brown, 10b (Brown Wall)
Drawstring, 5.7 (Intersection Rock)
Double Cross, 5.7+ (Old Woman)
No Calculators Allowed, 10a (Joshua Tree National Park)
Peels of Laughter, 5.5 (San Ysidro Rock)
Face Lift, 5.7-10a (San Ysidro Rock)
Orangahang, 5.7 (San Ysidro Rock)
Applied Magnetics, 5.9 (San Ysidro Rock)
Many Happy Returns, 5.9 (San Ysidro Rock)
Fun Stuff, 5.8 (Echo Rock, Echo Cove, North Wall, left side)
Ride a Wild Bago, 10a (Sport Challenge Rock)
Prepackaged, 10a (Hemingway Buttress, Central Area)
North Overhang, 5.9 (Intersection Rock)
Overseer, 5.9 (Hemingway Buttress, Central Area)
West Ridge of Grass Mountain (Grass Mountain)
T-Crack, 10a (Gibraltar Rock)
Saddlebag Lake Loop Trail (Sierra Nevada)
South Lake to Bishop Pass Trail (John Muir Wilderness)
Andromeda Strain, 5.7-5.8 (Joshua Tree National Park)
Hazardous Waste, 10a (Toxic Waste Wall)
Lazy Day, 5.7 (Joshua Tree National Park)
Temple of Kali, 10a (The Alabama Hills)
Big Moe, 11a (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sandbag, 10c, TR (Thin Wall)
Capricorn Wall, 10a-11a (The Alabama Hills)
Anacram, 10c (Freeway Wall)
After Six, 5.7 (Manure Pile Buttress/Ranger Rock)
Tree Root, 5.5 (Black Wall)
The Nutcracker, 5.8/5.9 (Manure Pile Buttress/Ranger Rock)
Ending Crack, 5.7 (Black Wall)
Easy Day, 5.4 (Turtle Rock)
Locals Only, 5.6 (Locals Only Rock)
Great Race, 5.10 a (San Ysidro Rock)
The Nose, 11- (South Face of Gibraltar Rock)
Western Saga, 5.9 (The Sentinel)
White Lightning (Hemingway Buttress, Central Area)
The Flake, 5.8 (Intersection Rock)
West Face of Gibraltar Rock (Gibraltar Rock)
My Huts & Campgrounds (2)
My Lists (2)
My Canyons (4)
My Custom Objects (5)
My Albums (53)
Fall Colors around Bishop Creek (South Lake to Bishop Pass Trail)
Yellowstone National Park, 2012 (Yellowstone National Park)
Views from Island In The Sky (Island in the Sky)
Bishop Pass Trail, 2011 (BEST 10 ALBUMS FOR THE YEAR 2011 AT SP)
Eastern Sierra Sunset (Beautiful Skies: A Collection of Albums)
Bishop Creek Canyon Colors (Autumn Albums Collected)
Potash Road (Wall Street)
Views of the Pacific Ocean (Beautiful Skies: A Collection of Albums)
Zion In Snow (Zion National Park)
Views of Lone Pine Peak (Lone Pine Peak)
Views of Mount Tom (Mount Tom)
Walls of Yosemite (Yosemite National Park)
Winter in Yosemite (Yosemite National Park)
The Endless Alabama Hills (The Alabama Hills)
Mount Whitney & The Family (Mount Whitney)
El Cap, The Big Stone (Yosemite National Park)
My Articles (5)
My Trip Reports (5)
Paying My Dues on a Sierra Trail (South Lake to Bishop Pass Trail)
Sentinel Rock, Chouinard Herbert Route (Sentinel Rock - Yosemite)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (1)
Routes (1)
Crescent Arch (Daff Dome)

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