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From Bovec (without cable car)

From Bovec (without cable car)

From Bovec (without cable car)

Page Type: Route

Location: Slovenia, Europe

Lat/Lon: 46.35035°N / 13.44834°E

Object Title: From Bovec (without cable car)

Route Type: Hiking, Scrambling

Season: Summer, Fall

Time Required: Most of a day

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Created/Edited: Aug 23, 2015 / Aug 29, 2015

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Zois' Bellflower
Zois' Bellflower
I wrote this description based on my experience on the 7th August 2015.

I recommend this route for those who want to climb Kanin without using the cable car (because it is against their principles or due to any other reason). This route is long but in good weather conditions it has no technical difficulties. 

The Trailhead(s)

Veliki Skedenj
Veliki Skedenj
The valley of Soča
The valley of Soča. You must ascend from there
There are 2 options to start the route. The easier one is to start from altitude of 1070 meter. How to get to this trailhead? You must go up with car (or with mountain bike) from the centre of Bovec on the road leading in the direction of the village Plužna. This is a narrow but good paved road. At altitude of 535 meter there is a road junction. The road to the left is to Plužna. Here you must take the road to the right. You can identify this spot with the help of an old traffic sign indicating 25 km/h speed limit to this road. This road is still a narrow asphalt paved road. After 200 meter there is a side road to the right. Here take the road going ahead. Soon the paved asphalt road turns into a good quality macadam road. This road can be used by European passenger cars with average clearance and ramp angle. Though cars with small ramp angles (like a Peugeot 508 or Citroen C5) may face problems on this road. After driving approximately 8 km there is another junction. Here take the road to the left, and after further 500 meter you can find a small parking place. The marked route starts here. If you climb Kanin from here (and return to here), it will be a 15 km long tour with 1750 meter total elevation gain. If it's not enough for somebody, then the route can be started from Bovec. Though I don't think that it would be preferred by many people as this option would mean a total 28 km long tour with 2350 meter total elevation gain.

Route Description

The route from south east to Bovec
This is the most pleasant part of the route
Veliki Skedenj
Veliki Skedenj
Like an ancient script
Like an ancient script
Secured route on the south east slope of Kanin
Secured route on the south east slope of Kanin
From the parking place you must start your tour on a steep path. After a few minutes you arrive to a short tunnel built during World War I. The tunnel can be crossed. From here the path ascends along a huge vertcal rock wall. This rock wall is called Veliki Skedenj. The rock wall is 1.5 km log and its highest point is 1830 meter. Approximately at altitude of 1400 meter you can find a water source. This is the only water source on this long route! The water source is indicated with red painted text "VODA" and "AQUA". Up to altitude of 1500 meter you can walk in forest. From here there are less and less trees and there is no protection of sunshine. At altitude of 1810 meter there is a ruin of a building. According to some maps here there is a side route to the mountain hut Skalarja na Kaninu. I can't confim this: I haven't seen indication of this side route here. I have seen this junction 1.5 kilometer further. After the ruin of the building the route ascends to altitude of 1900 meter. Here a highland tour starts. For the next 4 km the altitude is between 1900 and 2050 meter. Initially the path is on grassy land with rocks, later it is bare white limestone rock. The route is not used by many people, it is not very well marked, and sometimes it is not easy to follow the route. There are 2 path junctions on this section: the first side path is the already mentioned path to  the mountain hut Skalarja na Kaninu. The second side path is to the left, leading to Vrh Laške planje/Lasca Plagne (2448 m).

After crossig the plateau the path starts to ascend again. The path crosses the saddle between Mail Kanin (2572 m) and Visoka glava (2311 m). Before the saddle you can find again a side path that leads to "Pod Kaninom". The junction is not marked. Not easy to find the right way here. If you don't focus at this place, you can find yourself on the path leading to "Pod Kaninom" instead of continuing the route towards Veliki Kanin. At this section there are snow patches even in August. In August the snow patches can be walked around. But it can be seen that in earlier months of the year the hikers must cross some snow patheches. After the last and biggest snow patch you must cross an unpleasant scree. After crossing it, you arrive to the last section of the route. It is a short and steep section. This is the south eastern side of the Kanin peak. Initially the route goes in gully. You can expect here falling rocks. The most exposed parts are secured with cables and pegs. After the gully you must turn right. Here it is still an exposed place. In good dry weather conditions it is not tricky. Though in icy conditions it can be dangerous as this section is not secured. This last unsecured section is not more than 150 meter. And now you are on the peak of Visoki Kanin!

Essential Gear

Snow patch in August on Kanin
Snow patch on Kanin in August
Kanin can be dangerous
Kanin can be dangerous
Good shoes. Helmet can be useful due to the risk of falling rocks. Poles can be useful when crossing the snow fields (except for August and September).


Veliki SkedenjThe route from south east to BovecZois\' BellflowerKarst formation on the Kanin plateauLike an ancient scriptSecured route on the south east slope of KaninVeliki Skedenj
The valley of SočaKanin can be dangerousSnow patch on Kanin in August