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Making MORE time to train

I average about an hour a day of good general exercise (wts, cardio, yoga), including weekends. I also have a regular job and a commute (11 hrs tot), not to mention family. I get to the gym by 5 AM and try to walk (fast) at lunch hour when I can but I hit the wall after work. I'm not in bad shape but I am also not in great shape.

I need to train ...
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Solo Summits

Hi all,

I have been a hiker and climber for quite a long time and I have recently come into love with mountaineering. I took a technical course in New Zealand a year ago and I loved it. I am traveling to Patagonia soon for a 3 week break from university where I will just be trekking around, but I remembered one of my guides while in New Zealand.

She would often do solo summits ...
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Ice Climbing after Broken Foot

Hey all...

I recently broke my 5th metatarsal and am in a boot for 6 - 8 weeks. I'll get out of the boot just in time for ice season, but I'm concerned about kicking ice on a freshly healed foot.

Anyone have any experience with this injury? How long did it take to recover?
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Tips on making mountaineering affordable?

I have climbed in Nepal, Bolivia and Russia and I am going to climb Kilimanjaro in February.

I am looking for tips on making climbs more affordable without sacrificing safety.

I live in Australia so already I am looking for $2k flight to go anywhere other than NZ. I am thinking of moving to the UK for 2 years to climb throughout Europe more. The other thing I am trying to work out is how ...
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Tendinosis help in NY.

I need some help/advice folks. I have a friend living in NY city who has chronic tendinosis (medial epicondylitis). He's had cortisone injections and physical therapy but it hasn't really helped him. He has serious pain when gripping and turning.
Does anyone know of someone who specializes in dealing with that particular injury in the city area. Also, any ideas for exercises/treatments?
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Metal plate in leg problems at altitude ?

Hey All,

I have some screws and a plate in my leg and ankle after an kitesurfing accident a few months back. I'm just wondering if any one has experience with any issues with metalwork at altitude or long periods in cold temps etc..

Thanks in advance..
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FYI: Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook

Just got a copy of
Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook
http://www.amazon.com/Power-Hungry-TM-U ... 189110554X
The book is chock full of recipes (40 base recipes with 100+ variations)
Categories include:
Super natural Knock-offs (Clif, Kind, Fiber One, Powerbar Protein Plus, Promax, Pure Protein, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Clif Shot Energy Bloks, Larabar, Luna)
Activity Bars
Endurance Bars
Protein Bars
Raw and Almost Raw Bars

recipes/ideas for gluten-free, paleo, ...
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Better technique than you and no protection!

I tried to post this in spray and slander but the site won't let me post there. I must be a trouble maker? :(



More here... http://twentytwowords.com/2012/01/11/13 ... on-cliffs/
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erratic swelling

does anyone else get a swollen foot every now and then?
I don't recall hurting myself, but my right ankle has been swelling on/off since August. I've been on 2 rounds of anti-inflammatories and everything seemed ok until last night when I noticed it was swollen again.
no pain or anything, just swelling, and just the R foot. my doctor can't figure it out. could it be climbing related? shoes too tight?
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carpal tunnel & climbing

I think I have carpal tunnel in my R wrist and lately it has been acting up.
how does climbing affect this? anyone have carpal tunnel & climb? any tips?
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