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Better technique than you and no protection!

I tried to post this in spray and slander but the site won't let me post there. I must be a trouble maker? :(



More here... http://twentytwowords.com/2012/01/11/13 ... on-cliffs/
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erratic swelling

does anyone else get a swollen foot every now and then?
I don't recall hurting myself, but my right ankle has been swelling on/off since August. I've been on 2 rounds of anti-inflammatories and everything seemed ok until last night when I noticed it was swollen again.
no pain or anything, just swelling, and just the R foot. my doctor can't figure it out. could it be climbing related? shoes too tight?
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carpal tunnel & climbing

I think I have carpal tunnel in my R wrist and lately it has been acting up.
how does climbing affect this? anyone have carpal tunnel & climb? any tips?
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The use of stair steppers for really steep snow climbs

I live in an area without very steep hills to do climbing repeats and don't have access to tall buildings with stairwells to do stair climbing repeats.

However, having an ultra-endurance background, I am not a guy who trains light.

i have hauled giant packs up the local ski hills, hauled giant packs on elevated treadmills, and hauled giant packs while dragging big tires on asphalt bike paths. This training is great for hauling giant ...
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Summiting Aconcagua as a newbie?

Hi there (first post :D )

I'm currently planning my trip to south america and I encountered this 'easy to climb' mountain called Aconcagua (have you heard about it? :roll: )

As i have 0 mountain climbing experience, i would like to know what is your opinion about me trying to take on such a mountain.
some ...
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Ortho recommendation for hip issue -- SoCal

My wife has some kind of hip issue and has had trouble finding an orthopedist who can give her a diagnosis. She had an MRI, and her current doctor saw "nothing wrong". She can hardly walk, and its getting worse. Can anyone recommend a good orthopedist in SoCal that she could consult?
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Maybe the boots don't fit? (x-post from Gear)

Two years ago I purchased a pair of La Sportive Makalu boots. Overall they have been great. I've used them on class 4 rocky hiking in the northeast and with crampons in the Cascades. They've been with me on three climbs now. But this last one I noticed, more so than the first, that my toes hurt (pretty bad) on the descent. When I am finally done the big toe on each foot feels like ...
Read more : Maybe the boots don't fit? (x-post from Gear) | Views : 1871 | Replies : 4

Plastic boot hot spots and other questions

Rented boots for Rainier climb. They ended up being a brand new pair. Pulled the packing out myself.
2 hours into climb, developed pretty intense hotspot on medial aspect of my heel.
Duct tape and other remedies, but left wondering why it happened so quickly.

During fitting I went from my size(13) to 13 1/2 at the advice of guide.
Heel slipped up and down, but I thought that was probably expected due to the ...
Read more : Plastic boot hot spots and other questions | Views : 3929 | Replies : 15

Wilderness Med @ Big Sky, MT

Was just curious if anybody on here is attending the Wilderness Medicine Conference in Big Sky, MT at the end of July?
Read more : Wilderness Med @ Big Sky, MT | Views : 1556 | Replies : 1

Tendon damage/sprain on outside of foot

Messed up my right foot 2 weeks ago in an accident on the stairs.....ok, I jumped down 10 stairs to get under my little girl who was falling down them. Anyway, I was barefoot and landed funny and had a lot of internal bleeding into my 4 smaller toes. All of the blood has gone away and I can still bike, incline treadmill, stairmaster, lift, etc with very little discomfort. But if I'm walking, and ...
Read more : Tendon damage/sprain on outside of foot | Views : 2776 | Replies : 2


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