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Alpining for the first time in september

Hello Everyone i am planning to go Alpine climbing for the first time this september. Already i am planning to build up my condition through a lot of running and working in the gym. However i have had some experience climbing in a climbing hall but not much else.

Is it wise to do in september?
Should i wait and train longer?
Any recommendations for excerises?

Using this chart as a guideline: ...
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Into courses: Yamnsuka V (or) Mountain Ascents Canada

Looking for a intro course, and so far have only found these possibilities.

curious if anyone happens to have completed either of these course, or have any opinions on either of the courses themselves or the company running them.

http://yamnuska.com/mountaineering/begi ... struction/

http://www.mountainascents.com/mountain ... nners.html

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SP endomondo team :)

There is a SP/MBPost endomondo team ! Please join ;)
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Trail-running/hiking shoe

I am looking to purchase some trail-running/hiking shoes for long hikes/runs. From 10-45miles of mixed jogging and hiking.

Looking for a shoe that would be light, but that would provide good cushion (is this combination possible?).

Any recommendations?

I can buy La Sportiva Quantum or Wildcat for about 70$ should I get either of those? Are they must fit if I know my size in other LS shoes?

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Re: Meniscus Repair....

Will they be removing the damaged part of the meniscus or is it a true repair? Big difference. I've had two tears cut out (both radial complex tears, one on each knee). Lucky, my doctor is fairly aggressive given he is one of the orthopedic sugeons for the US Ski and Snowboard teams. On my first one the intention was a repair, but once they got in they decided that the damage was to severe ...
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Interior decorating - climbing wall

OK Summitposters, we all know you can climb. Plenty of you can build a climbing wall. But can you decorate?

I've got about a twenty-foot ceiling height to work with, thinking about putting in a climbing wall.

Here's the tricky part: it's in the formal dining room - one of those big rooms that doesn't get used much except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but has to look nice. A plain plywood wall with bright plastic ...
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Ways to train for 'airiness'

I'll admit it. I am scared of heights. I don't like aretes, cliffs, etc.

How can one train to overcome this fear?
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El Cap-disabled ascent

We all have excuses. However, some people find a way to ignore them. Amazing story/video.

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Hang board advice for a novice?

I am considering purchasing a small hang board for my climbing fitness program and have a few questions:

1) is it even advisable for a beginner to work a hang board?

2) what sort of holds would be best for a novice that top-ropes ~5.8? I am assuming hand-width size jugs and such?

3) Is there a fairly high risk of muscle/tendon injury for someone new to the sport on a hang board?

I realize ...
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Weight for climbing

Became pretty obsessive with my weight the last half year and felt better in climbing than ever ... Though i think i reached my limit of what is healthy and the best on rock...

Went from 89kg to 76kg in 5 months.

Now the problem is that winter season is coming up and i feel like i have no reserve when something is going wrong...

For which climbing discipline what fatpercentage is the best? It ...
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