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Page Type: Area/Range

Location: Greece, Europe

Lat/Lon: 39.50875°N / 21.36069°E

Object Title: Pindos

Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Bouldering, Ice Climbing, Aid Climbing, Big Wall, Mixed, Scrambling, Via Ferrata, Canyoneering, Skiing

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Elevation: 8652 ft / 2637 m


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Page Duality

You can see that there exist two pages of the Pindos Mountains; here is the other. I have created this page since the other page has not been edited since April 25 2008. I have requested the page and so far have not gotten a response. That page and user have been inactive for a long time. Thus i took it upon myself to create a complete Pindos page.
Thank you.


The Pindos mountains is the main mountainrange in Greece and is a continuation of the Dinaric Apls. Accoriding to wikipedia and the Pindos Mountain page it is considered to be between 160km - 230km, although it is geologicaly considered to be 274miles or 442km long. Yeah i know, way longer than what the official pages say. But the central Peloponise mountainrange (Chelmos - Mainalo - Taygetos) is considered to be a geological continuation of the Pindos range. 
In this page we will be considering Pindos to be that long, from the Greek-Albanian border to the Githio cape. 
Such, Pindos is a very diverse in altitude and in types of mountains encountered. There are some peakes that are a bit more wide spread in width than the main spine of the range. Pindos is a mountainrange that is a parent range (see the Alps) and has several subdivisions. The Aoos National Park, The Tzoumerka Mounatins, Agrafa Mountains, Akarnanian Mountains, Chelmos, Mainalo, and Taygetos


Due to the length of the range there are several subranges of the Pindos mountains. Here i will be describing all of the areas:
Pindos Map 1
Pindos Map 1
This is the first (northern) section of the Pindos mountains. It spans from the Greek Albanian border to the Corinthian gulf.

Denoted with Blue: The Aoos Valley National Park (Smolikas at 2637m

Denoted with Orange: The Tzoumerka Mountains (Kakarditsa at 2429m)

Denoted with Yellow: The Agrafa Mountains (Karava at 2184m)

Dentoted with Purple: The Aitoloakarnian Mountains (Timfristos at 2334m)

Denoted with Yellow (bellow): The Fthiotidan Highs (Giona at 2510m)

Denoted with Red: The Chelmos/Ziria Group (Killini at 2376m)
Pindos Map 2
Pindos Map 2

Denoted with Pistachio Green: Erimanthos (Olonos at 2227m)

Denoted with Light Blue: Mainalo (Ostrakina at 1981m)

Denoted with Green: Taygetos (Profitis Hlias at 2407m)


Here i will be adding some of the most important and high peaks in the Pindos Mountain Range.
Unnamed Image
Smolikas peak from drakolimni

Chapel at the Kaimaktsalan Peak

The peak of Gramos


Timfi Peak
Timfi Peak

Parnassus Kakarditsa Profitis Hlias Katafidi
 2495m 2457m 2429m 2407m 2393m
Korakas peak

Parnassos in Winter.
Parnassos in Winter.

Kakarditsa Peak

Profitis Hlias Summit Pyramd
Profitis Hlias Summit Pyramd
Katafidi Peak in Winter
 Killini Chelmos Varnous Timfristos Lakmos
 2376m 2340m 2334m 2334m 2295m
Unnamed Image
Killini Mountain
Chelmos highest peak 
Varnous Massif

Lakmos peak and the rivers
Vasillitsa Dousko Karava Avgo Delmidi
 2249m 2198m 2184m 2177m 2163m
Vasilitsa with snow
Vasilitsa with snow
Dousko Peak
The dry Karava dry slopes

Avgo of Grevena
Winter hiking up Delmidi
 Voutsikaki Oiti Avgo Kalliakouda 
 2154m 2152m 2148m 2101m 
Voutsikaki Peak
Winter nature

AVgo of Agrafa

Kaliakouda Peak



As with any large mountain range, its features don't stop at peaks. The pindos mountain range has an extensive system of waterways, the waterways that will interest us will be canyons here and alpine lakes bellow. 

Vikos Gorge

The Vikos Gorge is one very important and well known canyon located within the Vikos Aoos National Park south of the Timfi massif. 
Voraikos Gorge
Located at the city of Diakofto and rising up 20Km to the city of Kalavrita (Base of Chelmos), this gorge is of great natural beauty and includes caves, waterfalls and dense vegitation. You can also go up or down the gorge with the small train that is 65 minutes round trip.
Great Klisoura Gorge
This gorge is 20km long and on the its south entrance lies the Agia Eleousa monastery. The gorge is located between Magoulia (S) and Fragkoulika (N).
Lousios Gorge
This is one of the more well known gorges in Greece being a popular white water rafting destination. The gorge is rather long. The north entrance is just below the village of Dimitrasna.

Alpine Lakes

Due to the relative dryness of Greece between June and October, alpine lakes are not a common phenomenon is Greece. Most alpine lakes are fed by glaciers that well, do not exist in Greece. Even so there is a large number of interesting alpine lakes across some of Greece's, most popular hiking and climbing destinations. 

Popular Lakes

Some of the most popular lakes are the well known 'Dragon Lakes'. There exist three of them in three adjacent mountain at the northern reaches of the Vikos-Aoos NP. The first  dragon lake is under Smolikas summit at 2100m. The second one and way more popular is the one located at mountain Timfi at 1800m of elevation. Further there exist one more dragon lake at the Grevena Avgo mountain and it is usually refereed to as 'Laka Avgou'. 

Other Lakes

There exist few lakes in general, one of the largest alpine lakes is the one next to the peak of Timfi. The 'Laka Tsoumani' just under the Timfi refuge is considered to be the largest alpine lake in Greece. Other lakes include, the 'Verligka' lake under Lakmos mountain.

National Parks

Greece currently has 12 national parks, 5 of them are part of the Pindos mountain range. Here they are:
NameEstablishedArea (ha)

Natura 2000

In ususual greek fashion the Pindus range is home of many Natura 2000 protected areas, that are home to special species of birds, mammals and many other animals. Here is a list of all the Natura 2000 protected areas in the Pindos range.
Name Area(ha) Category 
Prespes NP26594haC
Dousko, Meropi17385haSPA
Central Zagori53356haSPA
Vernon8199hapSCI, SAC
Lake Orestias3831haSPA
Vasilitsa8006hapSCI, SAC
Mt Orliakas10224haSPA
Valia Kalnta6833hapSCI, SAC
Metsovo7324hapSCI, SAC
Ioannina 22436haSPA
Aspropotamos20083hapSCI, SAC
Axeloos and Valtos Mountains46714haSPA
Tymfristos3407hapSCI, SAC
Mt Panaitoliko 18537hapSCI, SAC
Ori Vardousia19376hapSCI, SAC
Giona21885hapSCI, SAC
Chelmos and Vouraikou32174haSPA
Killini23431hapSCI, SAC
Oligyrtos8633hapSCI, SAC
Artemisio and Lyrkio11481haSPA
Mainalo22678hapSCI, SAC
Taygetos53380hapSCI, SAC
South Mani31669haSPA

pSCI, SAC: Habitats Directive Sites (most protected species are plants)
SPA: Birds Directive Sites (most protected species are birds)
C: Birds and Habitats Directive Sites (many birds and plants as protected species)

Red Tape

Even when you will be in National parks there are no fees or checks. No need for climbing permits either. 


You can camp freely anywhere is the range, although try to avoid camping under the treeline during summer since there is a high fire risk. It is recommended that you camp above treeline and don't leave any trash.

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