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Dog just below Summit of Mt. Spalding, Colorado


Male, 39 years old

Littleton, Colorado, United States

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Occupation: Aviation

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Climber's Logs I've Signed (353)
Mountains & Rocks (325)
Gianttrack Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Lily Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Kruger Rock (Front Range (CO))
Prospect Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Sugarloaf Mountain D (Sweet Mountains: The Sugarloaves of SummitPost)
Blue Mountain (Front Range (CO))
UN 8906 (The Tarryall)
Notchtop Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Fitzpatrick Peak (Sawatch Range)
Jones Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Gladstone Ridge (Sawatch Range)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
UN 11395 (Colorado 11ers)
Sheep Ridge (Mosquito Range)
Sheep Mountain (Mosquito Range)
UN 9111 (The Tarryall)
UN 9752 (Puma Hills)
Tappan Mountain (The Tarryall)
China Wall (The Tarryall)
UN 11570 "Puma Peak" (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Mount Nystrom (Front Range (CO))
Revenue Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Deer Mountain (Front Range (CO))
UN 12313 "Eccles Peak" (Colorado 12ers)
Apache Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
South Tarryall Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
No Payne (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Warrior Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Mount Sheridan (Mosquito Range)
Spearhead Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
North Tarryall Peak (Colorado 11ers)
UN 10190 (The Tarryall)
UN 11,060 (Colorado 11ers)
Topaz Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Ute Peak (Williams Fork Mountains)
Fox Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Bald Mountain (Gore Range)
Booth Mountain (Gore Range)
Liberty Bell Mountain (Liberty Bell Group)
Mount Baker (Cascade Volcanoes)
UN 10462 (The Tarryall)
UN 9380 (The Tarryall)
Black Mountain (Front Range (CO))
UN 12429 "Peak X" (Kenosha Mountains)
Mount Judge (Front Range (CO))
Emerald Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Mount Pisgah (Front Range (CO))
Captain Mountain (Front Range (CO))
UN 11053 (Puma Hills)
Whale Peak (Front Range (CO))
Badger Mountain (Puma Hills)
Thunder Butte (Front Range (CO))
Robeson Peak (Front Range (CO))
Lions Head (Front Range (CO))
Wilds Peak (Front Range (CO))
Santa Fe Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Aetna (Sawatch Range)
Shoshoni Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Toll (Indian Peaks (CO))
Pawnee Peak (Front Range (CO))
Skyscraper Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Peak 13078 (Poplar Gulch) (Sawatch Range)
Longs Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Ptarmigan Peak (Williams Fork Mountains)
Coal Creek Peak (Front Range (CO))
Geneva Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Bear Mtn & Keystone Mtn (Front Range (CO))
Grizzly Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Mount Mamma (Sawatch Range)
Boulder Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Forbidden Peak (Washington Top 100)
South Peak (Mosquito Range)
Lone Eagle Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Meeker (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Webster Benchmark (Front Range (CO))
Griffith Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Alpine Peak (Front Range (CO))
Mount Lady Washington (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Hagar Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Hassell Peak (Front Range (CO))
Mount Oklahoma (Sawatch Range)
Rinker Peak & Twin Peaks (Sawatch Range)
Devils Head (Front Range (CO))
Windy Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Snow Peak (Gore Range)
UN 9895 (The Tarryall)
UN 11449 "Little Puma" (Colorado 11ers)
Farnum Peak (Colorado 11ers)
UN 11085 "Burntop" (Colorado 11ers)
Mayflower Hill (Mosquito Range)
Sneva Peak (Gore Range)
Emerald and Iowa Peaks (Sawatch Range)
Missouri Mountain (Colorado 14ers)
Kelso Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Landslide Peak (Front Range (CO))
Geneva Peak (Front Range (CO))
Sullivan Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Santa Fe Peak (Front Range (CO))
Decatur Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Bills Peak (Front Range (CO))
Byers Peak (Vasquez Mountains)
Petit Grepon (Front Range (CO))
UN 11,611 - "Tater Top" (Colorado 11ers)
Pagoda Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Volz Benchmark (Front Range (CO))
Humboldt Peak (Colorado 14ers)
UN 13,799 ("Obstruction Peak") (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
Wheeler Mountain (Tenmile Range)
Fletcher Mountain (Tenmile Range)
Taylor Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Uneva Peak (Gore Range)
Keller Mountain (Gore Range)
Coon Hill (Williams Fork Mountains)
Pacific Peak (Tenmile Range)
Atlantic Peak (Tenmile Range)
Observatory Rock (Lost Creek Wilderness)
UN 9,870' (The Tarryall)
Eagle Rock (Front Range (CO))
Little Baldy Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Bailey (Front Range (CO))
East Buffalo Peak (Mosquito Range)
Mount Tweto (Mosquito Range)
Mount Bethel (Front Range (CO))
Peak 12752 (Front Range (CO))
UN 12585 (Front Range (CO))
Engelmann Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bandit Peak (Front Range (CO))
Royal Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Morrison (Front Range (CO))
London Mountain (Mosquito Range)
The Citadel (Front Range (CO))
UN 12069 "Burning Bear Peak" (Front Range (CO))
"Platte Peak" (Colorado 11ers)
Starr Peak and Sheepshead (Front Range (CO))
Third Flatiron (Boulder Range)
First Flatiron (Boulder Range)
Cronin Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Otter Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Royal (Tenmile Range)
Mauna Kea (Big Island Peaks)
Peak 9 (Tenmile Range)
Peak 10 (Tenmile Range)
Crystal Peak (Tenmile Range)
Father Dyer Peak (Tenmile Range)
Mount Helen (Tenmile Range)
Heartbeat Peak (Colorado 12ers)
Mount Epworth (Front Range (CO))
Parry Peak (Front Range (CO))
Mount Bancroft (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Eva (Front Range (CO))
Witter Peak (Front Range (CO))
The Sharkstooth (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Bull Hill (Sawatch Range)
Vasquez Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bobtail Benchmark (Front Range (CO))
Fluted Peak (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
Little Horn Peak (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
West Buffalo Peak (Mosquito Range)
Horseshoe Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Peerless Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Tremont Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Saddleback Mountain (Front Range (CO))
McCurdy Mountain (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Thorodin Mountain (Front Range (CO))
"Russell Peak" (Front Range (CO))
Dinosaur Ridge (Front Range (CO))
UN 13070 "Devils Playground" (Pikes Peak Region)
UN 13363 "Little Pikes" (Pikes Peak Region)
Shawnee Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)
UN 12100 "X Prime" (Kenosha Mountains)
South Table Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Golden Bear Peak, Pt. 13,010 (Front Range (CO))
Joe Mills Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Montana Mountain (Front Range (CO))
'Thunder Peak' and 'Lightning Peak' (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Eagle Cliff Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Lumpy Ridge/The Needles (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Dark Mountain (Mummy Range)
Twin Sisters Peaks (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Buffalo Mountain (Gore Range)
Deming Mountain (Gore Range)
Navajo Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Niwot Ridge (Front Range (CO))
Stanley Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Trelease (Front Range (CO))
Mount Jasper (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Neva (Indian Peaks (CO))
Long Scraggy Peak (Front Range (CO))
Centennial Cone (Front Range (CO))
Genesee Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Raleigh Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bison Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Little Scraggy Peak (Front Range (CO))
James Peak & St. Mary's Glacier (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Evans (B) (Mosquito Range)
Pennsylvania Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Traver Peak (Mosquito Range)
McNamee Peak (Mosquito Range)
Turner Peak (Sawatch Range)
Elephant Butte (Front Range (CO))
Red Mountain (C) (Front Range (CO))
Lenawee Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Glennon (Front Range (CO))
Papoose Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Arthur's Rock (Front Range (CO))
Satanta Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Quarter to 5 Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Clinton Peak (Mosquito Range)
Kuss Peak (Mosquito Range)
Mount Logan (Front Range (CO))
Taylor Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Rosalie Peak (Front Range (CO))
Mount Evans (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Bierstadt (Colorado 14ers)
Mount White (Sawatch Range)
Mount Antero (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Cameron (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Lincoln (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Bross (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Oxford (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Belford (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Guyot (Front Range (CO))
Mount Ouray (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
UN 13,435 "Mascot Peak" (Sawatch Range)
Mount Yale (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Princeton (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Flora (Front Range (CO))
Evergreen Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Arkansas (Mosquito Range)
Mount Democrat (Colorado 14ers)
Foster Benchmark (Colorado 11ers)
Pikes Peak (Colorado 14ers)
North Star Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Eldorado Mountain (Boulder Range)
Quandary Peak (Colorado 14ers)
"Windy Peak" (Front Range (CO))
Mount Zion (Golden) (Front Range (CO))
UN 13117 "Cupid" (Front Range (CO))
Rosedale Peak (Front Range (CO))
Green Mountain (Boulder Range)
Buffalo Peak & "The Wigwam" (Colorado 11ers)
UN 12100 "Kenosha Peak" (Kenosha Mountains)
Mount Hope (Sawatch Range)
Quail Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Torreys Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Bald Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Boreas Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Hoosier Ridge and Red Peak (A) (Front Range (CO))
UN 12331 "Madonna Dome" (Colorado 12ers)
Mount Massive (Colorado 14ers)
Browns Peak (Sawatch Range)
Huron Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Sherman (Colorado 14ers)
Gemini Peak (Mosquito Range)
Dyer Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Mount Columbia (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Harvard (Colorado 14ers)
Spread Eagle Peak (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
Rogers Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bergen Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bill Couch Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Plymouth Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Old Baldy (Front Range (CO))
Sugarloaf Peak B (Colorado 12ers)
Mount Buckskin (Mosquito Range)
Mount Warren (Front Range (CO))
Meadow Mountain (Indian Peaks (CO))
Saint Vrain Mountain (Indian Peaks (CO))
North Twin Cone Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Mount Silverheels (Front Range (CO))
North Table Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Legault Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Green Mountain (Denver) (Front Range (CO))
Kataka Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Niwot Mountain (Indian Peaks (CO))
Colorado Mines Peak (Front Range (CO))
Squaw Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Falcon (Front Range (CO))
Chief Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Treasurevault Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Mosquito Peak (Mosquito Range)
Bartlett Mountain (Mosquito Range)
South & North Arapaho Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
McClellan Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Edwards (Front Range (CO))
Ruby Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Grays Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Pettingell Peak (Front Range (CO))
Paiute Peak (Indian Peaks (CO))
Mount Audubon (Indian Peaks (CO))
Gray Wolf Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Wilcox (Front Range (CO))
Argentine Peak (Front Range (CO))
Bard Peak (Front Range (CO))
Woods Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Mount Parnassus (Front Range (CO))
Square Top Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Grizzly Peak (Front Range (CO))
Mount Sniktau (Front Range (CO))
Bear Peak (Boulder Range)
South Boulder Peak (Boulder Range)
Mount Galbraith (Front Range (CO))
Mount Sanitas (Boulder Range)
Mount Spalding (Front Range (CO))
Greyrock Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Horsetooth Mountain (Front Range (CO))
Estes Cone (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Routes (28)
Dead Dog Couloir (Torreys Peak)
Spiral Route (Notchtop Mountain)
Southwest Face (The Beckey Route) (Liberty Bell Mountain)
North Ridge (Mount Baker)
Notch Couloir (Longs Peak)
Kiener's Route (Longs Peak)
Zowie Tower (5.8+) (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Green Spur/Rewritten (Eldorado Canyon Climbing)
West Ridge (Forbidden Peak)
Skywalker Couloir (South & North Arapaho Peak)
Dreamweaver (Mount Meeker)
Martha (Mount Lady Washington)
The North Face (Lone Eagle Peak)
South Face 5.8 (Petit Grepon)
North Buttress (Pagoda Mountain)
West Ridge (Pacific Peak)
First Flatiron - Fandango (5.5) (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
First Flatiron - Baker's Way (5.3) (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Northeast Ridge (The Sharkstooth)
Boudoir Couloir (Horseshoe Mountain)
North Ridge (Mount Neva)
Lost Rat Couloir (Grays Peak)
Kelso Ridge (Torreys Peak)
"Alphabetizer" (Kenosha Mountains)
Second Flatiron - Freeway (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Arapaho Peaks Traverse (South & North Arapaho Peak)
Sawtooth Ridge (Mount Bierstadt)

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