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Summit Photo of the Petite Fourche (Mont Blanc Group), November 2008


Male, 31 years old

Wageningen, Netherlands

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My Routes (5)
Via Felici (Spazzacaldeira)
ENE-ridge over Wellenkuppe (Obergabelhorn (Ober Gabelhorn))
ENE-ridge (Lenzspitze)
Moderne Zeiten (Punta da l' Albigna)
My Lists (1)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (60)
Areas & Ranges (1)
Blüemlisalp Group (Bernese Alps)
Mountains & Rocks (32)
Clariden (Glarus Alps)
Piz Badile (Val Masino Alps)
Spazzacaldeira (Val Masino Alps)
Punta da l' Albigna (Val Masino Alps)
Silvrettahorn (Silvretta Group)
Dreiländerspitze (Silvretta Group)
Piz Buin Grand (Silvretta Group)
Hintere Jamspitze (Silvretta Group)
Mittlerer Seelenkogel (Ötztaler Hauptkamm)
Hangerer (Ötztaler Hauptkamm)
Pic Adolphe Rey (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Mont Blanc du Tacul (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Petite Aiguille Verte (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Mont Collon (Pennine Alps)
Mont Maudit (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Tour Ronde (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Aiguille du Midi (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Mittagfluh (Uri Alps Group)
Galenstock (Uri Alps Group)
Salbitschijen (Uri Alps Group)
Egginer (Mischabel GROUP)
Weissmies (Pennine Alps)
Lenzspitze (Pennine Alps)
Stecknadelhorn (Alpine 4000m Peaks)
Hohberghorn (Alpine 4000m Peaks)
Nadelhorn (Pennine Alps)
Piz Palü (Bernina Group)
Piz Morteratsch (Bernina Group)
Pigne d Arolla (Pennine Alps)
La Luette (Pennine Alps)
Routes (27)
Nordkante (Piz Badile)
Albigna Summit from NW (Punta da l' Albigna)
Steiger (Punta da l' Albigna)
North Face (Pages Up for Adoption)
North face (Obergabelhorn (Ober Gabelhorn))
North Face (Tour Ronde)
Frendo Spur (Aiguille du Midi)
Arête des Cosmiques (Aiguille du Midi)
Via Felici (Spazzacaldeira)
South Face (Obergabelhorn (Ober Gabelhorn))
S-ridge (Salbitschijen)
ENE-ridge over Wellenkuppe (Obergabelhorn (Ober Gabelhorn))
SSW Ridge (Egginer)
Kingspitz - Via Steuri (Engelhoerner)
ENE-ridge (Lenzspitze)
Nadelgrat (Nadelhorn)
Northface (Hohberghorn)
Windgrat (NE ridge) (Nadelhorn)
NW-Ridge (Pizzi Gemelli)
Moderne Zeiten (Punta da l' Albigna)

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