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Tomas Kristofory
Summitting Kriváň; 17th august 2008.

Tomas Kristofory

Male, 34 years old

Smizany, Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia

Power = 123 (Vote Weight = 87.41%)

Occupation: teacher and Ph.D. student of economics at the University of economics in Prague

Website: http://kristofory.blog.sme.sk

A Few Words:

Dear friends SPers, I like this page and its community, but I have to quit my most of my (voting) SP activities, as far as I have troubles in my studies, work and personal life because of spending here my whole days. Some of my pages need completion and additions, some albums need then to be converted to mountain pages. If you want to do this, email me and I will grant you editor rights. Please, consult any change in the text of my pages with me. I wish you wonderful hikes and climbs. If you want to climb with me, email me.


> I had no major plans for summer 2009. My major plan for this summer was to write my diploma thesis (Title: "The invisible hand of market: Adam Smith and G. W. F. Hegel"). I succeeded.

> I plan to spend the end of december as a member of my club PREVYK at some ascends in High Tatras.

> I have always in mind a single day trip to slovak ranges - whenever I have an occasion, I will be in High Tatras, Western Tatras, Low Tatras, Velka Fatra, Mala Fatra or other ranges in Slovakia/Poland/Czech republic (Krkonose, Jeseniky, Jested - the nearer to Prague the better).

My last activities:

> I joined traditional national ascend on Krivan on 17th august.

> I was in West Tatras and climbed Prislop, Banikov, Hruba kopa, Tri kopy, Placlivy Rohac, Ostry Rohac, Smrek and Baranec on 10-11th september.

> I was in Sulden and climbed Ortler (3905 m) on 27th september. This was my summit of the year. I was at my current limits to be able to climb it and get back safely.

> My ascend to Hoher Gjaidstein in Dachsteingruppe failed because of the lack of money. I didn't travel to Austria.

> I ascended Furkotsky stit (2405 m) on 11th october.

> I participated at the mountain race to Stepanka outlook at 18th october. It was 6 kilometres long with 504 metres of altitude gain.

> I ascended Satan on 25th october.

> I participated on a mountain race in Krkonose on 1st november 2008. It was 60 kilometres long.

> My 12th ascend of Krivan occured at 28th october 2009 in a finally wonderful autumn clouds inversion. I haven't been to mountains for neverending 360 days.

> I will occasionally post my photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/tomas.kristofory

> Cheers, Tomas :)

>>> Summitting Kriváň; 17th august 2008. >>>

My mates are:
Stanislav Horvath,

Ludmilienka, Erik Kapsdorfer, Ladislav Ruttkay and Michal
. I'm also a bloger. I publish at:

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