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Location Lat/Lon: 46.32844°N / 8.26687°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5351 ft / 1631 m
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Together with Alpe Veglia, the Alpe Devero belongs to a natural park situated in Lepontine Alps, on the eastern side of the main ridge, between the Monte Leone and the Punta d'Arbola (Ofenhorn)
This wonderful peaceful (a lot of comfortable accomodations and the NO CAR access) environment is a wide plan bordered by :
- the main watershed of the Alps on its Western border
- the small range descending from the Helsenhorn (Punta di Boccareccio) toward SSE on its Southern border
- the fine range starting from the Punta della Rossa and arriving to the Punta d'Arbola on its Northern side
- a small ridge of minor summits on the East, beyond the Lake of Devero

The Alpe Devero is like a big balcony on the east side of the main ridge of the Alps, oriented SW-NE can be considered made by 2 different areas,
the SW one, delimited to the N by the Punta della Rossa-Crampiolo ridge
the NE, hosting a big lake, delimited by the ridges coming down from Punta d'Arbola
the Devero from the summit of Pizzo Diei /S)

Chances ...
  • For traditional mountaneers : the main ridge has some (very fine) summits higher than 3000 m with not too difficult routes.
  • For rock climbers : the two summits of Rossa and Crampiolo can give an occasion to spend some days climbing on a fantastic, solid, red rock
  • For hikers : some very fine escursions along a wide choice of paths (some can be run with a MTB)
  • For tourists : a lot of meadows, woods and some very fine lakes where to spend peaceful time in relax

    Getting There

  • by car
    along the highway of Sempione, coming from Genova, Torino, Milan or Canton Ticino (CH)
    You must exit at Crodo, follow for Baceno wherefrom a road leads to Devero (car parking - 5€ a day)
  • by train
    from Domodossola : station of
    international railway Milano-Genève (1 train a hour)
    terminal of the Canton Ticino railway of Centovalli (Locarno-Domodossola)
    a public bus service brings to Baceno wherefrom a shuttle (5 runs a day) leads to Devero
  • on foot
    from Binn (CH) (see the Ofenhorn page)
    from Brig (Rhone-valley) follow the N19 toward Furkapass till 2 km before Fiesch, follow for Ernen, Binn and Feld (1538m)along a narrow route, once there in a short (5-6 hours) walk you can get the Alpe Devero along the path of Passo della Rossa (GTA)

    Google map + Geographic info


    SW range
    Alpe Buscagna - connected, through the "Scatta di Orogna" pass, with the Alpe Veglia basin

    West basin
    Piani della Rossa - the wide range left by the old "Ghiacciaio della Rossa" (Rossa glacier), bordered by 2 ridges coming down from Pizzo Cervandone toward E (Pizzo Bandiera and Monte Croce) and NE (Punta Gerla, Punta Marani, Punta della Rossa, Crampiolo, Pizzo Fizzo)

    Central basin
    the Alpe Devero - a wide plain hosting, in the lower part the built up area of Devero and in its higher part the small built up area of Crampiolo and the Codelago lake (Lago Devero)

    NW basin
    splitted into two parts,
    the southern one : Valdeserta, connected with the Binntal (Switzerland) through the Crampiolo pass and Valdeserta pass
    the northern one : bordered by the ridge Albrunhorn (Monte Figascian) - Ofenhorm (Punta d'Arbola) and hosting the fine lake of Pianboglio

    Eastern basin
    a wide and long series of highlands hosting some big pastures
    from N to S : Alpe Forno, Alpe la Satta, Alpe della Valle, Alpe Naga, Corte Corbernas, Alpe del Sangiatto, Alpe Fontana
    these highlands are connected, through the passes of
    Scatta Minoia, Bocchetta della Valle, Passo Pojala, Bocchetta di Scarpia, with the lower basin of the Val Formazza


    CNS 1:50.000-275 "Valle Antigorio"
    CNS 1:25.000-1270 "Binntal" -1290 "Helsenhorn"
    IGC di Torino 1:50.000 - 11 "Domodossola e Val Formazza"
    "Alpe Devero" 1:25.000 - ed. ARVEGAS

    Main summits & ridges

    Southern border (from E to W):

  • Monte Cazzola - 2330m
  • Punta d'Orogna - 2447m
  • Punta delle Caldaie - 2853m
  • Western border (from S to N):

  • Punta di Boccareccio - 3241m
  • Pizzo Cornera - 3084m
  • Monte Cervandone - 3211m
  • Punta Nera (Marani) aka Schwarzhorn - 3110m
  • Northern border (from W to E):

  • Punta della Rossa (Rothorn) - 2887m
  • Pizzi di Crampiolo - 2764m
  • Pizzetta & Corni di Valdeserta - 2938m
  • Punta d'Arbola (Ofenhorn) - 3235m
  • Eastern border (from N to S):

  • Pizzo della Satta - 2801m
  • Punta di Tanzonia - 2683m
  • Pizzo della Valle - 2667m
  • Monte del Sangiatto - 2387m
  • Accomodations

    One refuge of Club Alpino Italiano - Rifugio Castiglioni - 0324 619126

    some small but comfortable hotels :
    Albergo Ristorante LA LANCA - 0324 619135
    Antica Locanda ALPINO - 0324 619113
    Pensione FATTORINI – 0324 619177
    Pensione FUNIVIA - 0324 619195
    Locanda PUNTA FIZZI - Crampiolo 0324 619108
    Albergo Ristorante LA BAITA - Crampiolo 0324 619190
    Agriturismo CRAMPIOLO - Crampiolo 0324 62140

    Red Tape

    No cars nor motorbikes allowed
    Biking is welcome


    Weather Alpe Devero - Free service by Weather Webcam

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