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Created On: Sep 11, 2012
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Cirque d AnéouCirque d'Anéou

Pic d Anéou
Centre Pastoral d Anéou
The Pic d’Anéou (2,364m) is the most important of a cirque located at West of Port du Portalet (1,784m). It’s not the highest, because it has a higher peak at North named Peña Blanca (2,365m) but in old times the people didn’t know the heights when they gave the names to the peaks and it’s obvious that’s most interesting and nicer than a white hill as Peña Blanca. The peak gives the name to the entire cirque, to two important saddles and to the fields under the cirque where’s flock of sheep and shepherds stand (centre Pastoral d’Anéou).

A few of peaks of this area are very interesting in winter because they’re no harder climbing with skies or snowshoes. The four most popular are Cuyalaret (2,291m), Anéou (2,364m), Peña Blanca (2,365m) and Pico Canal Roya (2.231m). Obviously you need also crampons and ice-axe for final ramps in cold days. On summer they’re easy green hills surrounded for nice rocky ridges and nice aiguilles walking-up without difficulties enjoying of the great sights of the area.

Getting There

You have two possible routes:

-in winter the most advisable is from Cabane de l’Araille 1km at N. of Portalet entering across North face using the saddle with Peña Blanca. It’s the normal route in all the seasons. (trailhead C in google map)

-in summer you have another possibility from Col du Portalet across the saddle with Cuyalaret. In this case the access to summit is crossing a hard slope in West face (dangerous with rain or snow). (trailhead B in google map)

See bigger map

Red Tape

At South of Portalet is the ski-resort of Formigal with a lot of people and skiers in some months of winter when it's open.



-Escarra, Escarrilla.
-Gavín, Gavín.

External Links

-Formigal, ski-resort at South of Col de Portalet.
-Sallent de Gallego, important village at South of Portalet.
-Turismo Alto Gallego, the Spanish area.