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Location Lat/Lon: 42.91800°N / 0.729°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8018 ft / 2444 m
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From left to right: La Table,...La Mesa, north face

-Anothers names: Table of Trois Rois (french), Table of Three Kings (english), Hiru Erregeen Mahaia (euskera).
La Mesa, west faceLa Mesa, west face
La Mesa, East faceLa Mesa, east face

This mountain is the highest point of region of Navarra in the north of Spain and the second elevation of the area after the peak of Anie (2507m). This peak has always considered a mythical halo to be the point of border between the three old kingdoms of France, Aragón and Navarra that they were separated just in the summit what has caused its name. At present separates France and the spanish provinces of Navarra (valley of Belagua) and Huesca (valley of Ansó and valley of Echo).

Because its position the routes are possibles from both sides, but one route it's the easiest and most popular, the spanish route from the Refuge de Linza. In summer more than 100 persons climb La Mesa each day of week-end across this route and for the mountaineers, with a little of experience in easy rock-climb of I+, it exist the west ridge across the peak Budogia, without path but without people with trailhead in the same point. This easy ridge is one of the most spectacullars routes of this area thanks to the impressive view to both sides of all the peaks of the area.


The peak La Mesa de los Tres...

The province of Navarre is a land of contrasts, with four natural very different zones: the high Navarra of the Pyrenees to the NE, the oceanic one to N (Bidasoa), the cantabrian one to E and the southern one (with the rivers Ebro and Aragon). In the beginning of the zone of Pyrennes from Belate to the Ory (first 2000 meters of the Pyrenees) are grassy hills of 1500 meters with big forests of beeches. From Ory's peak up to the Anie meet the highest mountains in the investor calcareous massif that dominate the Anie (2507m, in Bearn, France) and Mesa de los Tres reyes (2444m).

The capital of Navarre is the city of Pamplona, universally known by his popular fiestas of sanfermines that are celebrated from July 6 to July 14. A good opportunity to know later our mountains after enjoying a few days of the fiesta.

-More information about sanfermines: Ayto.Pamplona (english)
-More information of Navarra: Turismo-Navarra

Valley of Belagua

From all the valleys of the Pyrenees of Navarra that of Belagua distinguishes for being the most eastern and the one that contains the highest summits. The name comes from the river Belagua that passes for the valley and that means "beautiful water".

Mountains: Mesa de los Tres Reyes (2444m), Peneblanque (2392m), Txamantxoia (1945m), Lapazarra (1785m), Lapakiza linzola (2100m), Ukerdi (2256m), Budogia (2366m), Lakora (1877m), Lakartxela (1982m), Otsogorrigaina (1922m).

You can see orientative map here

Valley of Lescun

The east side of La Mesa it's in the french territory, in the little valley of Lescun with the nice cirque of Lescun with other peaks like Dec de Lhurs, Billaré, Lariste,...
From this side the view of the mountain is very different with a spectacular wall of rock over the valley.

Getting There

The normal route is from Linza.
Others routes: Belagua, Lac de Lhurs, West ridge.

To arrive in Pamplona (main city of Navarra):
-By air: to airport of Noain-Pamplona from Madrid or Barcelona.
-By train: see renfe.
-By car or bus: from Madrid (N-I, Burgos-Vitoria-Pamplona,407km), Barcelona (Lleida-Zaragoza-Pamplona,437km), Zaragoza (N-232+N-240 or A62+A15, 175km).

For approach to valley of Belagua from Pamplona see the page of Petrechema

Red Tape

No permits required. In a fog day the route can to be difficult to find.

When To Climb

The best time is the summer (june to september).


Valley of Belagua
-Camping of Asolaze. 2ªcat. open all year. Isaba. (948/893034).

Mountain huts / refuges
-Refugio de Belagua. (948/394002).-closed from summer 2004 for the moment

-Isaba: Hotel Isaba** (948/893000).
-Isaba: Hotel Ezkaurre* (948/893302).

Valley of Ansó / Echo
-Camping of Zuriza. 2ªcat. 1000 places, open all year (974/370196).
-Camping Selva de Oza. 1ªcat. 360 places, open june to september (974/375168).

Mountain huts / refuges
-Refugio de Linza. (974/370112).

-Ansó: Hostal Aisa * (974/370009).
-Echo: Hotel Lo Foratón II ** (974/375247).

Mountain Conditions

National Institute of Metereology of Spain, see the north of province of Navarra.

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