Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 41.31908°N / 73.9761°W
Additional Information County: Westchester
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 900 ft / 274 m
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Anthony's Nose is a hill that overlooks Bear Mountain state park and the Bear Mountain Bridge. At approximately 900 feet, it is one of the smaller hills in the area, but offers great views from its summit.

Maps are covered by the NY-NJTC's East Hudson Trails and USGS Peekskill.

Getting There

From NYC take the palisades interstate parkway north for approximately 40 miles until its end at the Bear Mountain Bridge. Take a left at the end of the bridge. Approximately .2 miles down the road is a small turn off on the side of the road with enough space for 3 cars. There is a small AT blaze on one of the trees that identifies the trail head.

From I-84, take exit 11 to 9D south. Follow 9D through Beacon and Cold Spring until you reach the Bear Mountain Bridge. Parking is available on small turnoffs on 9D .2 miles before you reach the bridge. Unless you get here early, these spots are likely to be full. In this case you can cross the bridge and park in the Zoo's parking lot. It is approximately a 2 mile hike back to the trail head.


From the Northern trail head you will follow the AT up hill for several hundred feet until you reach a T. The Appalachian Trail continues to the left, and the camp smith trail continues to the right. Take the camp smith trail and follow it to the summit of Anthony's Nose.

there is a good overlook of the bear mountain bridge and bear mountain state park 200ft before the summit at a turn off of the trail (known as engagement rock). To return, follow the same trail you came up back to your car. Total length round trip is approximately 4 miles. For a longer hike you can continue down the camp smith trail for several miles to several other (less spectacular) overlooks.

Red Tape

When walking along the Camp Smith trail, be careful not to go off the trail. To the east of the trail is Camp Smith. This is an active national guard base and trespassing is illegal. Signs are posted, and military personnel are fairly frequently seen on the trail.


During the revolutionary war, Anthony's nose was the site of one of the famous chains across the Hudson.

Approximately where bear mountain bridge stands today, a chain stretched across the Hudson to prevent British ships from navigating its waters. The British eventually attacked and killed approximately 300 American soldiers. The lake that can be seen from engagement rock is Hessian lake. It used to be called bloody lake as the bodies of these soldiers were dumped in the lake.

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