Chicago Basin Peaks

Chicago Basin Peaks

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Upper Chicago Basin

Chicago BasinChicago Basin
Entering the upper Chicago BasinEntering the upper Chicago Basin
Upper Chicago BasinUpper Chicago Basin
Curious NeighborsCurious Neighbors
Jupiter Mountain Jupiter Mountain
Point 13,155Point 13,155
Sunset on Jupiter MountainSunset on Jupiter Mountain
Sunset, Jupiter Mountain Sunset, Jupiter Mountain
Peak Eighteen and Jupiter MountainPeak Eighteen and Jupiter Mountain
Chicago BasinChicago Basin
The upper Chicago Basin TrailThe upper Chicago Basin Trail
Just checking ...Just checking ...
Locals settling a disputeLocals settling a dispute - I
Locals settling a disputeLocals settling a dispute - II
Mount KennedyMount Kennedy
Chicago Basin TrailChicago Basin Trail

Eolus/North Eolus

First light on Mount EolusFirst Light on Mount Eolus
Sunlight, Sunlight Spire and Windom Peak from North EolusSunlight, Sunlight Spire and Windom Peak from North Eolus
Mount Eolus from North EolusMount Eolus from North Eolus summit
North Eolus, summit view northNorth Eolus, summit view north
NE Ridge of Mount EolusOn the Northeast Ridge of Mount Eolus
One of the  steps  on the NE Ridge One of the "steps" on the Northeast Ridge
South Ridge of Mount EolusSouth Ridge of Mount Eolus
Mount Eolus, summit view eastMount Eolus, summit view east
North Eolus from the  Catwalk North Eolus from the "Catwalk"
Eolus Mountain from West Ridge of Windom PeakEolus Mountain from the West Ridge of Windom

Sunlight Peak

Twin Lakes and Needle RidgeTwin Lakes and Needle Ridge
Peak EighteenPeak Eighteen
Sunlight Spire and Windom PeakSunlight Spire and Windom Peak from Sunlight
Summit tower on Sunlight PeakSummit tower on Sunlight Peak
A window on the summit ridge of Sunlight PeakA window in the summit ridge
View from the summit blockView from the top of the summit block
Summit blockSummit block
Sunlight Peak summit block: view westSunlight Peak summit block: view west
Sunlight Peak: view NWSunlight Peak: view northwest
Sunlight Peak, view eastSunlight Peak, view east
The NeedlesThe Needles
Needle RidgeNeedle Ridge

Windom Peak

Needle MountainsNeedle Mountains
Sunlight Peak and Spire from WindomSunlight Peak and Spire from Windom
Windom s Blocky SummitWindom's blocky summit
Light and shadowsLight and shadows
Greylock Mountain from summit of WindomGreylock Mountain from the summit of Windom
Windom Peak, summit view eastWindom Peak, summit view east
West Ridge of Windom PeakWest Ridge of Windom Peak
Sunlight Spire and Windom PeakSunlight Spire and Windom Peak

Jupiter Mountain

Sunrise on Mount EolusSunrise on Mount Eolus
Sunlight and Windom Peaks from Jupiter MountainSunlight and Windom Peaks from Jupiter Mountain
Approaching summitApproaching summit
Jupiter Mountain: summit view northJupiter Mountain: summit view north
Looking down into Hazel Lake BasinLooking down into Hazel Lake Basin
Looking down the east ridgeLooking down the east ridge


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