Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 36.08580°N / 115.49575°W
Additional Information County: Clark
Activities Activities: Bouldering
Seasons Season: Spring, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5970 ft / 1820 m
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This climb starts at the First Creek trailhead on highway 159 and follows First Creek up canyon between Mt Wilson and Indecision Peak. As you approach the mouth of the canyon, the summit block can be seen with its distinctive brown knob sometimes referred to as the Hershey Kiss peak.  
Hershey Kiss summit block
Hershey Kiss summit
From the highway, the shortest distance is about 3 miles directly up the canyon passing the Mt Wilson south bowl approach enroute. The elevation gained is about 2,320’ making this one of the less strenuous climbs in terms of elevation gained..
route to first creek peak
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Getting There

Trailhead to First Creek
trailhead to First Creek Canyon
If you are coming from Charleston blvd and the 215 beltway, drive SW on Hwy 159 (Charleston) passing the entrance to Red Rock NCA and continue to where the 13 mile loop exits the NCA back onto Hwy 159. From this point, continue just over 2 miles to the parking area for the First Creek trailhead on your right. Keep an eye out for some of the resident wild burrows that frequent this part of Red Rock!  
Wild burrows
Wild burrows near trailhead

Red Tape

While this peak is located in Red Rock National Conservation area, there are no requirements for an entrance permit in this portion of the NCA. See Red Rock NCA Home Page


There is a campground located south of SR159 two miles east of the entrance to RRCNCA. There is no developed campground within Red Rock NCA, although backcountry camping with a permit is allowed.

Route Description

From the trailhead parking area, start hiking toward the mouth of the canyon following the well worn trail across the desert. As you come to forks, generally follow those on the left and try to avoid entering the wash too early. Staying on trails that enter the canyon on the left side above the base of the wash and the trees is best. After about 2 miles the trail will be forced into the wash and the bouldering challenges will begin.
tunnel just below dead pine
tunnel near dead pine
Continue working your way up the main canyon as if you were going to climb Mt Wilson’s south bowl or were heading to do Decision Peak.  
dead pine
dead pine near junction of routes
Where those two routes diverge on your right and left sides respectively, continue up the main canyon keeping First Creek Peak on your left.
route upcanyon
route upcanyon by dead pine
Alternatively, you can continue up the canyon on your left following the route toward Decision Peak, but this scenic route will end up drawing you farther away from your goal than necessary.  
dry fall challenge
dry fall challenge
As you reach the head of the main canyon watch for a small waterfall on your left and climb past it next to the wall on your right hand side.
waterfall below summit
waterfall below summit heading NW
At this point, you have gone past the summit block and can gradually ascend toward your left(SE) heading for the summit. The summit block is best climbed on its north side with some class 4 moves and a bit of exposure.  
north side of summit
summit scramble