Hike up for the 2nd time

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Location Lat/Lon: 34.10060°N / 116.8278°W
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jul 17, 2004
I DID IT for the 2nd time. I took me 11 hours. I started at the trail head at about 7:00 am at Vivian Creek. I thought I would walk little bit faster so I could arrive at the peak early. But I was not. I still had to take almost 5 and half hour just to arrive at the peak. I was more tire than the first hike probably because I was in a faster pace. Comparing to the White Mountain in Bristleone Pine National Forest in Central California, the White Mountain is much easier to hike. The distrance is about 7.8 miles and the elevation gain is only about 2500 feet. The only difficulty of White Mountain is higher elevation (14000+) . In contrast, Mt San Grgonio is 5500 feet elevation gain and the distrance is 8.6 miles. I arrived at the peak at around 12:30pm: half hour earlier than my 1st hike, and came down at about 1:15pm. On the way down, I saw two hikers who started the same as I started. One of them is almost pass out. I offered them water; and they said they had enough. Another hiker asked them about food. They said food also run out. They asked me how much time to take to the peak. I told them It might take about half hour or fourty five minutes. Then, I continued to hike down. Later on, I kept thinking I should tell them to hike down instead of continue. It take me four or five hours to hike down. You have to have strength to hike up AND down. I hoped those two hiker will make it back to their car safely. I enjoy my training hike eventhough a little tire. It is rewarding to hike up the mountain peak and view the beautifull sight 360 degree. Yesterday, there was not much smog around San Gorgorio Mountain. It was clearer than my 1st hike. I will hike up there again and again.


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