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Location Lat/Lon: 47.66590°N / 11.66593°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5272 ft / 1607 m
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Kampen ridgeKampen ridge in the far distance between Roß- and Buchstein (left) and Hirschberg (right)

As a normal working guy I constantly hope for good weather on weekends. What should I do else?

Often, too often, the weather is sunny, not to say cloudless, during the week, as on this mis-May monday while I write down the text for this new “Mountain”-page during my lunch break. It normally starts to deteriorate on Friday. Rain pours down on Saturday through Sunday. Sunday afternoon, the rain stops and you see the first rays of sun which is back on Monday morning and so on. This April / May it was 5 times in a row like this.

Sometimes you have a slight chance to get some better weather earlier on Sunday, that means, it rains in the morning, then stops after your breakfast, you get nervous about some patches of blue skies, get your things packed at 9.30 a.m. and start to head for … well for those peaks like Kampen, which

  • are not too far away from your hometown (for Kampen its Munich)

  • are not too high and not too long for a late start (that is Kampen, too)

  • offer nevertheless a nice and satisfying hike.

  • Kampen meets all these needs.

    It is located between Lenggries / Isar valley to the west and Tegernsee valley / Bad Wiessee to the east. You reach the trailheads in an one hour car ride from Munich. There are good railway links, too.

    Kampen is a ridge, so there is a traverse possible.

    Kampen has four distinct peaks (from north to south):

  • Ochsenkamp (2596 m)

  • Auerkamp (1607 m)

  • Spitzkamp (1603 m)

  • Brandkamp (or Brandkopf; 1568 m)

  • Not very high. But very good if you start late, want to have a good break at one of the summits, want to include some other peaks and relax on the then sunny terrace of a mountain hut (remember: it will be Sunday evening when doing so) with a good beer at your side and return to your car in time for a decent dinner.

    Kampen ridge is located within the Mangfall mountains of the Bavarian Prealps and is surrounded by equally high and rather frequented summits: Fockenstein to the north, Hirschberg to the east, Roß- and Buchstein to the south and Seekarkreuz to the southwest. Miraculously enough the Kampen ridge is a sort of forgotten corner among these well known Bavarian peaks. There is only a very narrow and hardly marked trail crossing the summits. And there are information panels, too, saying that the trail is difficult and only for the experienced (due to some rock scramble sections).

    The Kampen summits offer good views in all direction. The whole Bavarian Alps, Karwendel and Wetterstein mountains and parts of the glaciated peaks in the far distance are visible on clear days.

    Getting There

    Main trailheads are:

  • Lenggries in the Isar valley: parking area of Hohenburg at the end of Hohenburgstraße

  • Bad Wiessee on the shores of Tegernsee: Sillberg parking area at the end of Bucherweg

  • You reach Lenggries

    by car

  • on road number B 13 coming from Munich region or

  • on Austrian road number 181 coming from Inntal valley, then B 307 and B 13 after passing the German border.

  • The trailhead / parking area (daily fee) is at the end of Hohenburgstraße. Leave road B 13 at the main exit to Lenggries, turn on Schützenstraße, Bahnhofstraße and Karwendelstarße by just following the main road through Lenggries center. Follow Karwendelstraße until Hohenburgstraße branches off to your left (outside, south of Lenggries).

    by train

    The “BOB – Bayerische Oberlandbahn” does the service between Munich and Lenggries. See the schedule here

    Kampen ridgeTegernsee valley and Bad Wiessee as seen from Ochsenkamp summit

    You reach Bad Wiessee

    by car

  • from Munich or Rosenheim / Salzburg by using highway number A 8 to exit “Holzkirchen” and road number B 318 to Bad Wiessee or

  • on Austrian road number 181 coming from Inntal valley, then B 307 to Weissach / Rottach Egern. Turn on road number B 318 to Bad Wiessee.

  • The trailhead is at the end of Bucherweg which branches off from B 318 at the southern end of Bad Wiesse in western direction.

    by train

    The “BOB – Bayerische Oberlandbahn” does the service between Munich and Gmund am Tegernsee. See the schedule here.

    From Gmund to Bad Wiessee there is a regular bus service of “RVO – Regionalverkehr Oberbayern”, lines 9551, 9557 and 9559 from Gmund to Bad Wiessee, bus stop “Söllbach” at the beginning of Bucherweg, which leads directly to the trailhead. See the bus schedule here

    Routes Overview

    Routes Overview:

    The routes starting at Lenggries are shorter than those from Bad Wiessee.

    As you normally do a traverse of the Kampen summits, I recommend the Lenggries routes for that.

    Lenggries routes

    Take the forest road starting at Hohenburgstraße trailhead in eastern direction (route number 601). Follow that road through Hirschbach valley up to the col.
    A small and scarcely marked trail branches off from the road (signpost and warning sign “route only for experienced hikers”) and climbs up steeply the north slopes of Ochsenkamp to a col a bit southwest of the summit (trail number 622). Follow the ridge to the summit. Then follow the small trail using the ridge and the upper northwest slopes of Kampen to Auerkamp summit and to Spitzkamp. The latter requires some short scrambling moves (all trail number 622).
    Descend Spitzkamp on the steep trail with a short scrambling part to the col between Spitzkamp and Brandkamp (or Brandkopf). There is a forest road. Cross the road and follow some foot tracks steeply up into the woods. Leave the track where it starts to traverse Brandkamp on its right and follow the north ridge to the summit. Descend the west ridge until you reach again a forest road.

    Kampen ridgeat the Hirschbachtal col
    Kampen ridgeRock spire at the ascent to Ochsenkamp
    Kampen ridgeAuer- and Spitzkamp as seen from Ochsenkamp

    Descents to Lenggries trailhead:

  • You can turn right on that forest road and follow it (left at the first road junction, right at the second one) until you reach Hirschbachtal col by traversing the northwest slopes of Kampen on that road. Follow Hirschbach valley road to the trailhead.

  • If you choose the left hand road at the second road junction this one will take you down into Hirschbach valley (route number 613). Turn left on the Hirschbach valley road and return to the trailhead.

  • Best thing is to traverse Seekarkreuz summit (trail number 622), descend to Lenggrieser Hütte for a nice beer on the sunny terrace (trail number 621) and amble down “Grasleitensteig” to Lenggries/Mühlau (still number 621) and the trailhead a bit further north.

  • Alternatively take the forest road starting at the hut in northern direction. Near the end of the clearing take the left hand trail which descends into Hirschbach valley and to the valley road (trail number 612). Turn left on the road and return to the trailhead.

  • My recommendation, however, is “Grasleitensteig” despite of a short nasty part on a new and ugly forest road.

    Kampen ridgeAuer- and Ochsenkamp as seen from the Kampen traverse
    Kampen ridgeSpitzkamp summit
    Kampen ridgeSpitzkamp and Auerkamp as seen from Brandkamp summit

    Bad Wiessee routes

    Enter Söllbachtal on route number 604 (forest road) in western direction starting at the trailhead parking area.
    At a road junction some 5 km into Söllbach valley leave the forest road to your right and follow the road and later the trail number 601 up to Hirschbachtal col. Go on as described for Lenggries routes.
    Southwest of Brandkamp before ascending to Seekarkreuz take the left hand forest road and descend to Rauhalm (trail number 606). Follow route number 606 down to Schwarzenbach / Schwarze Tenn Inn, turn left onto the valley forest road (number 604) and follow the whole Söllbach valley back to Bad Wiessee trailhead (long valley walk).

    You can shorten that distance by using a bike and leaving that at the trail junction 604/601 (to Hirschbachtal col).

    Kampen ridgeBrandkamp and Spitzkamp as seen from near Seekarkreuz summit

    The Hirschbach valley loop

    This is a long and nice route which traverses the “Seven Summits of Hirschbach valley”.

    Start at the Hohenburgstraße trailhead.
    Go up to Weinberg lake in northern direction. On the east side the trail number 611 to Geierstein (1491 m) starts and uses the west ridge of the mountain.
    Traverse the summit and descend the northeast ridge to a trail junction. Turn right and follow the trail (partly a forest road; marked as “Maximiliansweg” and 611) to the Fockenstein west ridge and to Fockenstein summit (1564 m).
    Descend the south side of Fockenstein (trail number 614) to a forest road, leading to Hirschbachtal col.
    Take the trail up to Ochsenkamp, do the traverser to Auerkamp, Spitzkamp, descend to the col between Spitz- and Brandkamp. Ascend Brandkamp on the foot tracks in the forest and descend the west ridge off-trail to the col northeast of Seekarkreuz. Ascend Seekarkreuz and descend the southwest and west ridge to Lenggrieser Hütte.
    Best choose “Grasleitensteig” for your descent back to Hohenburgstraße trailhead.

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    Kampen ridgeLenggrieser Hütte

    No Red Tape as far as I know.

    You find all kinds of accommodation at

    Bad Wiessee

    Mountain Huts

    Lenggrieser Hütte

    Gear & Mountain Condition

    Kampen is an easy spring, summer and autumn hike. Nevertheless the traverse requires some rock scramble on a steep and exposed route. The traverse itself is mainly on a narrow and nearly unmarked trail. Kampen is not a relaxed afternoon walk.

    You need normal hiking gear and good shoes. As the altitude difference is not too demanding (Lenggries trailhead at about 720 m, Auerkamp summit at 1607 m) the whole traverse is not a too long and exhausting outing. The whole Hirschbach valley loop, however, is a long day with 1600 m to 1700 m of altitude difference.

    Kampen ridgeKampen ridge as seen from Hirschberg ascent
    Kampen ridgeKampen ridge as seen from Blauberge

    As the Ochsenkamp ascent from Hirschbachtal col and parts of the traverse is located on the north and northwest side of the mountain you may hit snowfields in spring as an extra obstacle. Route finding can be a problem then.

    Current Weather:

    Maps & Guide Books

    Kampen ridgePrimula auricula at the Spitzkamp summit

    Mangfallgebirge, Tegernsee, Schliersee, Rosenheim, Holzkirchen; number UK 50-53, scale 1 : 50.000, with UTM grid; Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt, München

    Tegernsee, Schliersee, Mangfallgebirge; number WK D6, scale 1 : 50.000, with UTM grid, Freytag & Berndt

    Alpenvereinskarte Mangfallgebirge West, Tegernsee, Hirschberg; number BY13, scale 1 : 25.000, with UTM grid, Deutscher Alpenverein, 2009



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