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From Kriz over Zadnjica valleyclaudioNC - Križ panorama
On the summit ridge of Kriz....The last steps to the summit
Križ (križ=cross) is a mountain, which you ascend passing by. Mountaineers, who come from the Krnica valley over the Kriška stena, ascend its summit and proceed to Pogačnikov dom (hut) or further to Stenar, others who were sleeping in the hut come up to its high ridge when going towards the Škrlatica - and also visit its summit, and so on. Only in times of tour skiing season Križ can be the ultimate goal of a tour.

The mountain has no high walls. It rises from the high plateaus of Kriški podi and Na Rušju as a ridge, stretching between the Stenarska vratca (notch), 2295 m, on the SE and the edge of Kriška stena (wall), 2375 m, on the NW. The summit is easily accessible, once you reach its high summit ridge. But reaching it from any of the three surrounding valleys is quite long. From the summit you have a nice view on the surrounding summits: Stenar, Triglav, Bovški Gamsovec and Pihavec, Planja and Razor, Prisojnik and Škrlatica group.

Getting There

For the general orientation see the Julian Alps group page.
  • The east ascent starts in Vrata valley. The end parking place can be reached from Mojstrana in 2h walk, by car or by bus.
  • The south-west ascent starts in Zadnjica valley. The parking place can be reached from the Trenta Valley in 30 minutes walk or by car.
  • The north-west ascent starts in the Krnica valley. The end parking place can be reached from the Vršič pass road in 30 minutes walk or by car.

  • Julijske Alpe - Vzhodni del (Eastern part). Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:50000
  • Julijske Alpe - Triglav. Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:20000 - recommendable.

Routes Overview

A self-made map of Kriz and...Kriz and its marked paths
1. From the Vrata valley -1. From the Aljažev dom (hut), 1015 m, through the Sovatna (valley/ravine) on the Dovška vratica (saddle), 2180 m, on the Stenarska vratica (notch), 2295 m, and to the summit. Steep marked path. 4h.

2. From the Vrata valley - 2. From the Aljažev dom (hut), 1015 m, to the Bivouac IV, 1980 m, to the edge of Kriška stena and to the summit. Steep marked path. 4h.

3. From the Krnica valley. From the parking place in 30 minutes to the Koča v Krnici (hut), 1112 m, to the end of Krnica, over the Kriška stena (wall) and to the summit. Marked, over the wall exposed, ferrata. 4h.

4. From the Zadnjica valley. From the parking place, 700 m, to the Pogačnikov dom (hut), 2052 m, to the edge of Kriška stena and to the summit. Steep marked path. 5h.

On a ski tour - the valley...Ascending behind the Stenar (left) towards the Stenarska vratca (notch). Križ is on the right.
For tour skiing, the route #2 is preferred. You can have a steep, demanding downhill also by the route #1. The variant of the route #2 in winter goes also towards Stenarska vratca (notch). How to reach the valley below Stenarska vratca, see the Stenar ski tour description! From below the Stenarska vratca you cross the slopes around Križ north face and so reach the edge of Kriška stena and by the NW summit ridge the highest point. This is also the preferred downhill - very nice!

Red Tape

The mountain is in the Triglav National Parc, otherwise no limitations.

When To Climb

Tour skiing in Stenar s neighbourhoodSkiing on the summit ridge of Križ. Behind is the Stenar, 2501 m.
On the summit ridge of Kriz....Before the ski descent
In summer and autumn - the best months are July to October.
For tour skiing the best months are March to May.

For weather see here.

Even better site is wunderground - here's the direct link to Kredarica station, 2515m (below Triglav summit).


In the neighbourhood of Križ the following mountain huts can be used:
  • Aljažev dom, 1015 m, (04) 5891030, (031) 384011, (031) 384013,
  • Koča v Krnici, 1113 m, (041) 654339,
  • Koča Zlatorog in Trenta valley, 622 m,
  • Pogačnikov dom, 2050 m, (051) 221-319,
  • Bivak IV na Rušju, always open.


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