Monte Adamello

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Lombardy, Italy, Europe
11611 ft / 3539 m
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Monte Adamello
Created On: Mar 9, 2005
Last Edited On: Mar 10, 2005


Adamello GROUP is between Lombardia and Trentino Regions.
The highest peak of the granite rock group is Monte Adamello, with 3539 m a.s.l..
The valleys that bring to the group have very different directions and they have the shape of a “star”. All these valleys represents a possible way to reach the top with different difficult and length.


Getting There

The Parco dell'Adamello can be approached from Lombardia Region, Alto Adige and Trento Region.
By car, the Adamello Park can be reached using:
a) the state roads coming from Brescia and Bergamo; they combine near Darfo Boario Terme in to the only state road of the Mendola, which is near the western limits of the Park from Breno till the Tonale;
b) the state road coming from Valtellina to Edolo, through Aprica;
c) the state roads coming from Bolzano, through the road of the Mendola, and from Trento, through Cles and Malé, which reach the Park at Tonale Pass.

These are the main access valleys:

1. VAL DI FUMO, South, access from Valli Giudicarie and Bissina Lake. Lobbia glacier, Monte Carè Alto. Rifugio Val di Fumo; Segalla Bivouac. GREEN
2. VAL SAVIORE, South-West, access from Cedegolo and Saviore in Camonica Valley. Adamè glacier. Rifugio Città di Lissone; Baroni Bivouac; Rifugio Caduti dell’Adamello alla Lobbia. MAGENTA
3. VAL SALARNO, South-West, access from Cedegolo and Saviore in Camonica Valley. Salarno glacier. Rifugio Prudenzini; Jannantony Bivouac. ORANGE
4. VAL MILLER (Val Malga), West; access from Sonico in Camonica Valley. Miller glacier. Rifugio Gnutti; Ugolini Bivouac. CYAN
5. VAL D’AVIO, North-West; access from Edolo, Temù in Camonica Valley. Avio and Venerocolo glaciers. Rifugio Garibaldi and Bixio Bivouac. BLACK
6. VAL DI GENOVA, North-East; access from Val di Genova, Carisolo, Val Rendeva and Valli Giudicarie. Mandrone glacier. Rifugio Città di Trento al Mandrone, Rifugio ai Caduti dell’Adamello alla Lobbia. RED

Routes Overview

Adamello is a famous peak, one of the most climbed in the Alps because of its fabulous panorama and for the routes never very difficult for reaching the top. There are three common normal easy routes: two from Lombardy Region (North-West and South) and one from Trentino Region (North-East).
To reach the top the usual routes follow the Adamello glacier.
The pyramidal peak has a rocky north face of about 600 meters. The routes of this side are the less climbed due to the bad quality of the rock.


Huts and Bivouacs (for the climbing) overview

See the colours on the overview maps and images
On the valleys:
1. Rifugio Val di Fumo. From Val di Fumo. Trail from Bissina Lake (road in Daone Valley from Valli Giudicarie - Trentino). GREEN
2. Rifugio Città di Lissone. From Malga Lincino on the Saviore Valley. Road from Cedegolo and Saviore in Camonica Valley (Lombardy). MAGENTA
3. Rifugio Città di Trento al Mandrone. From Rifugio Collini al Bedole (trailhead) on the Val di Genova. Road from Val di Genova, Carisolo, Val Rendeva and Valli Giudicarie (Trentino). RED
4. Rifugio Prudenzini. From Val Salarno. Trail from Malga Fabrezza (road from Cedegolo in Camonica Valley - Lombardy) across the Dossaccio and Salarno lakes. ORANGE
5. Rifugio Gnutti. From Val Miller (Val Malga). Trail from Malga Premassone (road from Sonico in Camonica Valley - Lombardy). CYAN
6. Rifugio Garibaldi. From Malga Caldea on the Val d’Avio (road from Edolo, Temù in Camonica Valley – Lombardy) across Pantano and Avio lakes. BLACK

On the highest sites:
7. Rifugio Lobbia ai Caduti dell’Adamello. A) From Val di Fumo, Rifugio Val di Fumo and Lobbia glacier. B) From Val di Genova, Rifugio Città di Trento al Mandrone for the Mandrone glacier. C) From Rifugio Collini al Bedole (trailhead road Val di Genova) through the Lobbia Valley.
8. Jannantony Bivouac. A) From Rifugio Prudenzini. B) From Rifugio Lobbia and Rifugio Città di Trento.
9. Ugolini Bivouac. From Rifugio Gnutti climbing the Via Ferrata Terzulli. B) From the Jannantony Bivouac. C) From Rifugio Lobbia across the Pian di Neve.
10. Bixio Bivouac. From Rifugio Garibaldi or Rifugio Lobbia and Città di Trento.

The summit of Monte Adamello

The peak has a pyramidal shape and is possible to see it from a lot of places on the Pianura Padana and from a lot of peaks in Lombardy.

Red Tape

No particular permits are required to reach the parkings at the headtrails at the end of the roads in the valleys.

When To Climb

It is possible to climb Adamello peak in every month of the year, by skimountaineering too! Be careful to the glaciers conditions, obviously!


We are in the Park of Adamello-Brenta groups and camping and overnight are not allowed but sometimes it is necessary (out of season).
The refuges are many and there are good bivouacs too.

The Adamello glacier

Adamello Group is one of the most glaciated areas in the Italian Alps. It includes about 80 glaciers with different extension (from less than 1 sqkm to 18 sqkm of the Adamello glacier), exposure and morphology and it has been studied by various researchers since more than a century of years.
Adamello glacier is the biggest Italian glacier.
The glacier morphology of this group is of particular interest because of its singularity. It has Scandinavian and Nordic plateau structure.
This apparatus with its different effluences and tongues has different names depending on the valley that they occupies.
On the North, the glacier arrive till 2400 m a.s.l. in Trentino Region and it is called Ghiacciaio Mandrone. In the South side there are three tongues called Adamè, Salarno and Miller. Every flux of ice takes his name from the valley and also the route of climb. The highest plateau of ice has the impressive name of Pian di Neve.
The water that comes from the glacier is divided between different watersheds: on the North side Sarca river through the Trentino Region arrives in the Garda Lake; in the South side, tributary rivers arrive in the Olio river and then in the Iseo Lake.