Monte Cornetto ( 3 Cime del Bondone )

Monte Cornetto ( 3 Cime del Bondone )


The Cornetto is the southernmost and highest (2180m) summit on the Tre Cime of Bondone group.
Though the easiest and shortest route to these summits is the normal one to Cima Verde, due to the environment and the spectacular views surrounding the path of its normal route, the Cornetto is the most frequently climbed summit.
This summit is named Cornetto (little horn) due to its shape when seen from all its sides : it rises like a big triangular tooth from a sweet ridge and only its S side is not very steep (but nor so sweet ...)
On this side, of course, you can find the normal accesses to the summit, scrambling on easy rocks and/or crossing or walking inside some 1st WW trenches, with no defined path.
The rocky structures building the other sides look not so bad as rock quality and not so difficult to climb but .. why take risks of hurt just here ? ... there are lots of better walls in the surroundings ..

Doss d'Abramo
Doss d'Abramo

Being the higher summit of the long ridge rising from Garda Lake and bordering to the West the Val Lagarina (Adige river valley), from its summit the panorama is really unique and various :
to the East you can see the whole range of the southern Trentino mountains :
  • Lagorai,
  • Vigolana,
  • Pasubio groups
    to the North, beyond the summit of Palon,
  • the Paganella,
  • Roen and the
  • Alps on the border between Italy and Austria
    to the West a multiple spectacular vision :
  • down .. in foreground, the Sarca valley with its small fine lakes and the big rocky western walls (Casale group)
  • in the middle distance the fantastic dolomitic Brenta group
  • in background the sweet iced mountains of Carè Alto, the Adamello group, the Presanella group and to NW, the Southern part of the Cevedale group

    Getting There

  • Monte Bondone - Stivo GROUP
    Monte Bondone - Stivo GROUP

    Monte Bondone - Stivo group
    Monte Bondone - Stivo group

  • Starting point is Viote, the wide plain (once hosting a lake) between the Palon del Bondone (N) and the 3 Cime del Bondone (S)
    Here you can arrive along two different roads :
  • from Trento drive to SS45bis (for Sarca-Arco-Garda lake) and little after passing over the highway of Brennero you find signs for Bondone (SP85) - Sardagna-Vason etc - follow the road, passing through the built up area of Hotels and resorts, till the evident plain ,,,
  • from Mattarello (N of Calliano) cross the Adige and the Highway of Brennero along the SP25 and follow for Garnica Terme, up to Garnica vecchia and up again to Viote plain - this road, somewhere narrow, is spectacular ...

    Route Description

    From Viote starts the easy walkup to the summit : park the car in the big parking, cross the road and start walking along a dirt road, pass near an astronomic observatory and after some hundreds meters you can see tracks ascending directly toward the Cornetto, leave the road to the right and start walking a path in a wood.
    After the first steep part the path, out of the wood, gets a wide ridge pointing straight to the Cornetto (on your left ascending you have a valley dividing you from the high rocky walls of the central summit : Dos d'Abramo).
    Follow the path that will lead you to the right low border of the Cornetto, once there follow at your best to the summit.

    Monte Cornetto
    Monte Cornetto

    Monte Bondone - Stivo group
    Monte Bondone - Stivo group

  • Maps and Books

    "Trento e dintorni" Kmpoass 647 1:25000

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