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Les Dames Anglaises (3601 m.)

Punta Fenilia

Salbitschijen. The top is a...

Piz Badile from the NE

Pilatus, seen from its highest point Tomlishorn (2128m) over to Pilatus-Kulm, Oberhaupt (2106m) and Esel (2118m)

From left: Torre di Lavina (3308 m)...


Mont Crammont

Mont d'Arsy or Costa Mayan

Punta del Kastel and Cima di Cavergno

the Cavalcorto


Mont Cordine Valsorey Glacier

Tête de Ferret

A scene on Mythen (Holzegg) approach

ready to go

Wildstrubel, Plaine Morte, Gletscherhorn and Laufbodenhorn

Piz Platta 3392m

Petite Roise

Punta Crevasse

Almost up - Gross Ruchen 3138m

Mont Blanc from Dent du Geant

Exposed scrambling while...


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La Taillante

Pizzi Gemelli seen from Val Porcellizzo.

Bec Tailla

Tour de Salé above the Croix de Salé & Bonplan 2015

Weisshorn with its Shali-ridge

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Viewing: 32581-32610 of 40325