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E Ridge, Grosser Diamantstock

Stormy ridge

The summit of Pizzo di Farno.The sunrise in the background.

Alpine scenery

Sassopiatto/Plattkofel summit view

On the way

Breiter Grieskogel

Still fun, but...

Carè Alto


Snoopy calf

Wöstertäli ("Täli"="little valley") and Wösterspitze (2558m)

Pizzo Porcellizzo seen from Punta Torelli.

Musterstein in the clouds

Eastern dorsal of the Pennine Alps range

Off we go...

Roda di Vaèl West face - Buhl Route (or Hasse-Brandler), 1976

Lake Erdemolo and Rifugio...

Route to the summit of the...

Fletschorn north-east side...

Schwarzwandspitze (3353m), Hohes Eis (3392m), Sonklarspitze (3467m), Pfaffenschneid (3230m), Zuckerhütl (3507m) und Wilder Pfaff (3456m)

Bad Hindelang

View from Warenkarseitenspitze

Ice Climbing Ötztal

yay :-)

Ibexes at the summit of the...

Forte Verena

Late Autumn

Bellavista 3922m

Approaching Malga Fanta

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Viewing: 21991-22020 of 25939