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Location Lat/Lon: 46.50450°N / 8.03370°E
Additional Information Elevation: 14022 ft / 4274 m
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The Berner Alpen (Bernese Alps) cover the central mountains of Switzerland and include some of the most scenic and famous peaks of the Alps. Bounded by the Aar River to the north, the Rhone to the south, the Hasli Valley as far as Grimsel Pass to the east and the Diablarets subrange to the west.


Train - bus - cable car
Jungfrau Joch bahn
kandersteg train / bus / cable car
Gelmer funicular


Jungfrau region

Grindelwald map
Lauterbrunnen map
Mürren map
Wengen map

Kander / Kien / Lötschen regions

Kandersteg map
Kiental map
Griesalp map

high Rhône valley

high Aar valley

Meiringen map 2nd map
Innertkirchen map
Gutannen map
Gadmen map


Jungfrau region

In Lauterbrunnen valley
in Weisse Lütschine valley

Kander / Kien / Lötschen regions

in Kien und Kander valley

high Rhône valley

in Rhône valley

high Aar valley
In Hasli valley
In high Aar valley


Finsteraarhorn 4274m
Aletschhorn 4193m
Jungfrau 4158m
Mönch 4107m
Schreckhorn 4078m
Gross Fiescherhorn 4049m
Gross Grünhorn 4044m
Lauteraarhorn 4042m
Hinter Fiescherhorn 4025m
Gletscherhorn 3983m
Eiger 3970m
Ebnefluh / Äbeni Flue 3962m
Agassizhorn 3946m
Bietschhorn 3934m
Trugberg 3933m
Klein Grünhorn 3913m
Gross Wannenhorn 3905m
Ochs Fiescherhorn 3895m
Mittaghorn (Lauterbrunnen) 3892m
Grünegghorn 3860m
Klein Fiescherhorn 3824m
Nesthorn 3822m
Dreieckhorn 3811m
Fieschergrat 3804m
Walchergrat 3804m
Schinhorn 3796m
Breithorn (Lötschental) 3785m
Breithorn (Lauterbrunnen) 3780m
Louwihorn 3773m
Kleines Aletschhorn 3755m
Grosshorn (Lötschen) 3754m
Kranzberg 3742m
Nässihorn 3741m
Geisshorn 3740m
Sattelhorn 3723m
Klein Wannenhorn 3707m
Mittelhorn 3704m
Balmhorn 3699m
Rotstock 3699m
Walcherhorn 3693m
Wetterhorn 3692m
Rosenhorn 3689m
Kranzberg - Pointe 3666m
Blüemlisalphorn 3661m
Wyssi Frau 3650m
Doldenhorn 3638m
Studerhorn 3638m
Oberaarhorn 3637m
Altels 3629m
Gross Fusshorn 3627m
Morgenhorn 3623m
Ankenbälli 3601m
Wyssnollen 3594m
Anuchnubel 3591m
Tschingelhorn 3562m
Lonzahörner 3560m
Breitlauihorn - anticima SW quota 3508
Vorder Galmihorn 3505m
Rosenegg 3470m
Rinderhorn 3448m
Gspaltenhorn 3436m
Jägihorn 3406m
Fründenhorn 3368m
Scheideggwetterhorn 3361m
Unterbächhorn 3360m
Ewigschneehorn 3329m
Wilerhorn 3307m
Hockenhorn 3293m
Hangendgletscherhorn 3291m
Ränfenhorn 3259m
Wildhorn 3248m
Wildstrubel 3244m
Hubelhorn 3244m
Grossstrubel 3243m
Birghorn 3242m
Schafbärg 3240m
Stockhorn (Baltschiedertal) 3211m
Petersgrat 3203m
Baltschiederhorner 3202m
Bütlasse 3192m
Burstspitza 3184m
Ferdenrothorn 3180m
Hiendertelltihorn 3179m
Grisighorn 3177m
Schneehorn 3177m
Lötschenlücke 3173m
Gross Diamantstock 3162m
Steghorn 3146m
Alpjuhorn 3143m
Dossen 3138m
Jegichnubel / Jägichnubel 3124m
Schilthorn 3122m
Schwarzhorn (Montana) 3105m
Rothorn (Wildstrubel) 3102m
Heji Zwachte 3086m
Golegghorn 3077m
Distelspitz 3071m
Geltenhorn 3065m
Gletscherspitza 3063m
Setzehorn 3061m

Finsteraarhorn group

Finsteraarhorn 4274m
Agassizhorn 3953m
Finsteraar Rothorn 3530m
Studerhorn 3638m
Oberaarhorn 3637m
Galmihorn 3517m
HinterGalmihorn 3486m
Nasse Strahlegg 3482m
Oberaar Rothorn 3463m
Scheuchzerhorn 3462m
Wasenhorn 3447m
Nollen 3404m
Firehorn 3182m
Löffelhorn 3095m





Fiescherhorn group

Gross Fiescherhorn 4048m
Gross Grünhorn 4043m
Hinter Fiescherhorn 4025m
klein Grünhorn 3913m
Ochs 3900m
Grünegghorn 3860m
Walcherhorn 3692m





Wannenhorn group

Gross Wannenhorn 3905m
Fieschergabelhorn 3876m
Kamm 3866m
Schönbühlhorn 3854m
klein Wannenhorn 3706m
Faulberg 3242m
Strahlhorn 3026m





Eggishorn group

Eggishorn 2926m
Bettmerhorn 2872m
Riederhorn 2230m

Jungfrau group

Jungfrau 4158m
Mönch 4099m
Gletscherhorn 3983m
Eiger 3970m
Rottalhorn 3969m
Ebnefluh 3962m
Trugberg 3933m
Mittaghorn 3895m
Breithorn 3782m
Grosshorn 3762m
Kranzberg 3738m
Anengrat 3716m
Silberhorn 3695m




Petersgrat group

Tschingelhorn 3577m
Hockenhorn 3293m
Birghorn 3242m
Lauterbrunner Wetterhorn 3241m
Sackhorn 3212m
Elwertätsch 3208m
Petersgrat 3207m
Klein Hockenhorn 3162m
Mutthorn 3043m



Aletschhorn group

Aletschhorn 4195m
Dreieckhorn 3811m
Schinhorn 3797m
Klein Aletschhorn 3755m
Sattelhorn 3741m
Geisshorn 3740m
Distlighorn 3718m
Rotstock 3701m
Klein Dreieckhorn 3641m
Gross Fusshorn 3626m
Weisshorn 3542m
Zenbachhorn 3386m
Olmenhorn 3314m
Beichgrat 3292m





Blümlisalp group

Blümlisalphorn 3664m
Weisse Frau 3652m
Doldenhorn 3643m
Morgenhorn 3612m
Oeschinenhorn 3486m
Klein Doldenhorn 3475m
Gspaltenhorn 3437m
Fründenhorn 3369m
Wilde Frau 3260m
Doldenstock 3205m
Büttlassen 3192m
Vordere Büttlassen 3050m
Ellstabhorn 2830m

Bietschorn group

Bietschhorn 3934m
Nesthorn 3824m
Breithorn 3785m
Breitlauihorn 3655m
Lonzahörner 3560m
Unterbächhorn 3554m
Jägihorn 3406m
Klein Nesthorn 3330m
Wilerhorn 3307m
Hohgleiten 3278m
Hohstock 3226m
Stockhorn 3211m
Strahlhorn 3200m
Grubhorn 3192m
Schwarzhorn 3151m
Alpjahorn 3143m
Schilthorn 3122m
Sparrhorn 3020m
Krütighorn 3020m





Schreckhorn group

Schreckhorn 4076m
Lauteraarhorn 4042m
Nässihorn 3741m



Wetterhorn group

Mittelhorn 3705m
Wetterhorn 3701m
Rosenhorn 3689m
Bärglistock 3655m
Ränfenhorn 3259m
Wellhorn 3192m
Dossen 3144m
Gstellihorn 2855m
Engelhorn 2782m





Ritzlihorn group

Ewigschneehorn 3329m
Hienderstock 3307m
Ritzlihorn 3282m
Bächlistock 3247m
Hiendertellihorn 3179m
Gross Diamantstock 3162m
Brandlammhorn 3108m





Sustenhorn group

Sustenhorn 3509m
Hintertierberg 3447m
Gwächtenhorn 3420m
Maasplanggstock 3401m
Chlisustenhorn 3318m
Sustenlimihorn 3316m
Brunnenstock 3211m
Rotstock 3183m
Vordertierberg 2999m
Sustenspitz 2930m
Märenhorn 2923m
Giglistock 2900m
Radlefshorn 2603m

Dammastock group

Dammastock 3630m
Galenstock 3586m
Rhonestock 3580m
Eggstock 3556m
Tiefenstock 3515m
Wysse Nollen 3398m
Diechterhorn 3389m
Tieralplistock 3383m
Gwächtenhorn 3214m
Winterstock 3203m
Gelmerhörner 3139m
Gärstenhörner 3184m and 3184m
Gross Furkahorn 3169m
Stein hüshorn 3121m
Chilchlistock 3114m
Klein Furkahorn 3026m
Tafergrätli 2881m
Schoibhoren 2684m

Red Tape

Parking fees :
In Grindelwald.
In Stechelberg, Lauterbrunnental -Wysse Lütschine valley
In Fafleralp, Lötschental -Lonza valley-

When To Climb

Late June through September, depending on snow conditions and meteo

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Rock climbing sites

One of the nicest climbing site is in high Aaar valley near Handegg place. Lots of granite there.



Mountain lakes, damper lakes, wasserfalls

Grimsel lakes



External Links

  • Bernese Oberland pictures



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