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Getting There Map

"Almagre Mountain South"

Ascending the western slopes

Cathedral Park, "Almagre Mountain South" and Rain Benchmark

Few hundred feet below the summit

Last few steps to summit

Middle Beaver Creek Valley

Pikes Peak from Rain Benchmark

Rain Benchmark from WNW

Rain Benchmark from the SW

Sangres to the Southwest

Sarah on the summit

USGS Benchmark

West Slopes Route Map

Descending the western slopes

Pikes Peak

West Ridge Route, Almagre Mountain South

Typical West Ridge Conditions

Sheep Mountain from the West Ridge

Pikes Peak Granite

Pikes Peak from the west ridge

Looking south from the summit

From FS 379

End of a great day

Approaching the west ridge

UN 12,349, "Almagre Mountain South"

Approaching from the west-southwest

From across the basin

Getting There Map_Almagre Mountain South

Lovely Mount Rosa

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Viewing: 1-30 of 16160