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Patagonia Atom Sling

I recently purchased a Patagonia Atom Sling. It has fast become my choice bag for hiking. It's lightweight but still has a surprising carrying capacity despite its small size.

I found mine originally after reading this review and bought it through Patagonia's own website.


Sling Bag

I've had a few raised eyebrows at my choice of a sling bag for hiking. People ask whether it gets in my way. Surprisingly no, the Atom has tightening straps to allow me to tighten it to my body which stops it flapping about as I climb. Also, as the strap only interferes with one arm, it's actually leaves my arms more free for climbing.

Pockets & Zips

My favourite feature of the Atom are the multiple slots, pockets and clips for my slightly OCD brain to organise everything. It stops me panicking that I've lost my belongings.


The Atom only has an 8L capacity but for me that's perfect. I can fit in everything that I normally would take on a day hike and I can hang my water bottle from the rear hook. I wouldn't use it for my main bag for a camping trip but it's great for trips out from the tent.


I would recommend this bag to anyone who wants either a lightweight hiking bag or a day back with multiple pockets. So far mine seems to be holding up well to the day-to-day trials without any signs of wear and tear.


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