Climb Glacier National Park, Volume 3


Climb Glacier National Park, Volume 3
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Object Title Climb Glacier National Park, Volume 3
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By Blake Passmore

Blake Passmore, SP's FlatheadNative, has put out the third in his series of detailed guidebooks for climbing the peaks of Glacier National Park in Montana.

As is the case with the other volumes, this book is for beginner and intermediate climbers, detailing hiking and scrambling routes, not technical ones. Like the other volumes, the third is full of maps, diagrams, and full-color photos to accompany the very detailed text. In addition, there is a rich amount of information on geology, weather, and the assorted objective hazards found in Glacier National Park.

No one getting a feel for the peaks of Glacier should be without this book, which is available for purchase online, in some of the park's bookstores, and some stores in Montana.



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