Pembroke Volume 2: Pembroke Range West


Pembroke Volume 2: Pembroke Range West
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Product Description

Pembroke Vol 2 Range West by Nigel Barry (2013)
Photodiagrams Mark Davies
Maps and additional artwork Don Sargeant
379 pages of text, images, maps and detailed topos

ISBN 978-0-901601-97-1


Pembroke Range West – volume 2 – is the last in the definitive series (but by Range West devotees is not viewed as the least). As the name suggests it covers the part of Castlemartin Range extending westwards from Stack Rocks car park.

By UK climbing standards this is a “new” climbing area, which in main has only been developed since the early nineties. Despite this the guide contains over 1100 routes of all grades from some classic 3-star VDiff/Severe climbs to one of the hardest on-sight leads in Britain and a lot in-between.

This is the second definitive guide to this area (the first being the 1996 series) and follows the same layout as the rest of the Pembroke series – photo topos for nearly all routes combined with approach maps and diagrams. The guide is sprinkled with some great action shots covering all grades of routes (and, given the weather over the last two years, a surprising number blessed with sunshine!).

The climbing is in a very active firing range and this does lead to additional access restrictions and pre-preparation (attendance at a briefing is required). However the additional planning and effort is well worthwhile as the Range is an extremely attractive place to climb; the rock is almost invariably solid (and certainly not polished) and the situations are often outrageous – it has all the ingredients for a great day out on the sea-cliffs. So buy a guide to complete the set, get briefed, and come along and join in.



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