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Adjustable Trekking Pole

Picked up a set of these poles early this spring now that I've gotten a little more serious into climbing. I love them. I used them on 10 climbs this year and a dozen hikes throughout the Canadian Rockies. They worked well in all types of terrain whether it was solid ground, scree, snow or slab. I liked the adjustment feature. If my girlfriend was with me I could give her one of the poles and she just changed the height to her liking and we were on our way. The flick lock feature was ideal and they never failed me yet. Never poped out once. The one thing that did happen with this product is that on my climb up Volcano Peak I had lodged the pole between two rocks and fall, bending the bottom of one of the poles to a 25 degree angle. It didn't crack the material at all and I just lodged it between two more rocks and bent it back. Its still fine today. I got them two for $67 and its worth it too me. I say give'em a try.


- Telescopic pole adjustments (115-145 cm)
- wrist straps
- flick lock device
- aluminum shaft

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Flip Lock Expedition Trekking Pole
Black Diamond


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Rick Huff - Aug 26, 2008 4:57 pm - Hasn't voted

Love 'em
I've used these poles for years. They are light, compact, and very durable. The flicklock has never slipped on me, which I can't say about other brands and systems I have used in the past. My only wish is that they extended a couple more inches for downhills for us taller folks. Still, I give it 5/5

Rick Huff - Dec 31, 2008 2:58 pm - Hasn't voted

Love 'em more
I discovered that these come in two sizes and just bought the longer 140 cm length. My wish has come true!

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