Fusion Picks


Fusion Picks
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Object Title Fusion Picks
Manufacturer Black Diamond
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Page Type Jan 23, 2008 / Jan 23, 2008
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Product Description

Designed specifically for competition and mixed climbing, The Fusion Pick by Black Diamond features a serrated top for Stein pulling, and a steep, aggressive front tooth for hooking. With a rounded-off top for hard ice conditions, it's compatible with all Black Diamond modular ice tools.

Modular for any BD tool. Here a worn pick is replaced by a new one.

Truly a great pic, well designed. Although this is designed for mixed climbing, the tapered pick end penetrates ice really well. Bends a little and is perfect for tackling cracks in rock. The sharp down-turned front end works perfect on dime edges for sending those hard M-grades.


-Rounded off top of the front tooth allows dagger-like penetration in hard ice

-Compatible with all modular Black Diamond ice tools

-CEN B certified


Weight: 3.3 ounces
MSRP: $36.95



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