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Product Description

The X-ICE is the perfect axe for ice cascades, alpine colo- uirs and extreme mixed routes.
With a laser cut blade and specially cut teeth the X-ICE allows fast climbing on steep ice.
The bi-directional leash provides great support and lets you remove your hands quickly for fast ice screw pla- cement.
Also available as a hammer.
Technical ice climbing tool.
Great design and balance.
Aggressive pick angle for best penetration.

Ice climbing ice axe. Shaft Type: T. Blade Type: B.


50 cm

634 g.
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funkyicemonkey - Mar 12, 2011 1:57 pm - Hasn't voted

Great Tool
Ive been testing these back to back with Grivel Petzl and BD tools for a few weeks and I have a few things to add. Excellent tool, simply excellent. However... Most modern hard ice tools have a kink/bend in the top third for good reason as it allows a very direct reach over bulges and its just feel obvious. Axes with continuous curves like these dont have that reach. Having said that it is a trade off, with the X-All/Ice/Mixed you get decent handling on the under 90 degree stuff and it takes on the mountains with ease. Have you ever found yourself wanting to plunge an axe shaft into soft snow at the top of a climb? Or how about hold the shaft mid way and plug up a gully using the pic and point of your axe? A quick foot belay? A Ice Axe Arrest? You can do this with these - Dont even try with your Nomics. Its only where you get cauliflowered bulbous ice (like rigid designator last week...) that you feel the disadvantages. I think Camp/Cassin may have made one of the greatest all mountain tools around while trying to make a pure technical tool. Will I be selling my Nomics for these? No, however Ive just listed a pair of skis on craigs list and im going to use the profits towards these. BTW the picks need a good bit of work with a file to stop them sticking when overdriven. Quick overview - Good very neutral swing (id personally like some removable head weights), choice of grips great axe for those new to the sport or those looking to expand to alpine territory. I may post this on the other X-tool axe pages as they are essentially the same tool with different pics/grips which are interchangeable. Love 'Em

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