Geronimo II


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An excellent technical tool for alpine and mixed climbing. Easy to swing, well-balanced, and sticks good. The goulotte picks are very durable and a great choice for most any climbing. Rubberized grip is molded for added security on the swing. Available with a hammer or adze.


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GuitarWIzard - Apr 27, 2002 1:07 am - Voted 5/5

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My first and only set of tools. Great for mixed climbing.....although on some ice bulges, I kinda wish I had a clearance shaft at times. However, I like straight shafts as it makes it much easier when edging/flat footing up a 30-40 degree slope, not to mention gives you more options when climbing, particularly low-angle ice. Hopefully mine last a few more years...might buy another set in the interim in case I can't get them later on...

Rahel Maria Liu - Aug 14, 2002 4:22 pm - Voted 5/5

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Since I have my Grivel Geronimo2, I don't use my normal ice axe (Grivel Air Tech) anymore, since it includes the function of a normal ice axe and surpasses it by its very sharp hoe (?). Because of its straight shaft, it's better than Grivel Rambo2, if I want to use it as aid like an ice axe up tol about 40°. But it works also very well in steep, pure and hard ice, although in this case the Grivel Rambo2 is better because of the bent shaft. When I climb icefaces up to 90°, I use Grivel Geronimo2 in combination with Grivel Rambo2. On Geronimo, I have a shovel, on Rambo a hammer. I use it like the Rambo2 with the Evolution hoe and not with the Goulottes hoe, which it has originally, when you buy it new. It is also very light for an ice tool. 2 disadvantages: The steel of the hoe is quite soft, so that I have to sharpen it quite often. Secondly, the Grivel does not have any hand leash originally (why????). I bought the Liberty, which I can recommend very much, although it's very expensive, uuuuhhhhh ......

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