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The GPSMAP 76S handheld receiver is Garmin's most feature packed unit yet! They have taken the popular GPSMAP 76 and added an electronic compass sensor for accurate headings while standing still, a barometric altimeter for more accurate altitude readings and increased the uploadable map memory capacity to 24 megabytes. The 12 Channel WAAS receiver updates once per second and provides up to 10 foot accuracy when receiving the WAAS signal*. Several navigation "pages" clearly show your position on a moving map along with important information such as position, speed, heading, distance and more. The GPSMAP 76S has a built-in basemap of North and South America showing major highways, rivers, lakes and borders, (tide and Nav-aid information inside the US also) and you can add more detail by uploading maps from Garmin's line of optional MapSource CD-ROM's. The GPSMAP 76S is completely waterproof and even floats! Other features include a detailed trip computer, elevation computer, audible and visual alarms, sunrise/sunset and celestial tables, 5000 point automatic track log with 10 saved tracks, backlit display and keypad.

1 year warranty.

Garmin GPSMAP 76S Handheld GPS

Size: 6.2"H x 2.7"W x 1.2"D. Weight 8 oz.

*The WAAS signal is currently available in the US only in open areas or on the water.

Standard GPS accuracy is 50 feet

Key features of the Garmin GPSMAP 76S

Built-in electronic compass sensor and barometric altimeter.

waterproof to IPX7 standards (submersible to 1 meter for 30 seconds)

24 megabytes of internal memory for map uploading

12 parallel channel WAAS GPS receiver for increased accuracy

Large, high resolution display screen with backlight.

# Of Waypoints

# Of Routes Max battery life /

# of batteries PC Interface Capability External Antenna Plotter Type

500 50 Rev. 16 Hrs./ 2 AA Cable Included Optional Full mapping


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Chucky - Aug 6, 2002 11:16 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
I purchased my GarminMAP76S from the GPS Store via mail order. I really like it for combination driving as well as hiking and mountaineering. It feels lighter than the 12XL, but does not seem as rugged. It only uses two AA batteries, so it does not last as long as the 12XL without resorting to spares. Being able to employ foreign coordinate systems on it in Europe has been a real gem of a feature many users may never come to appreciate. In my opinion, it is significantly superior for driving than the 12XL. The ability to store more detail on way points, to include symbols, longer words, and altitude is great for all aspects of GPS use. The built in electronic compass is great (though I always carry a lensatic compass and a topographic map in case of a GPS failure). The altimeter is great too. For play with hiking and mountaineering, as well as driving, this is a great GPS. It can work outstanding in a car or in your hand. For work, where I expect the GPS to take some "abuse," nor do I want to worry about changing batteries often, I still prefer the 12XL. In my opinion, both the GPSMAP76S and the 12XL are 5 star products.
Update on 14 Sep 02. I used this GPS on my Mont Blanc du Tacul summit venture on 13 Sep 02, and was impressed that it consistently beat my Thommen altimeter for altitude accuracy. By carrying this face up, in the top of my back pack pack, I was able to record the entire trip up and down the mountain, without having to use the external antenna. This is a truly great GPS, though not as rugged as the 12XL.
Update on December 28, 2003: By uploading Garmins Topo USA Map Source product (2 CDs) you can show topographic features on your GPS across the USA. They claim the accuracy is equivalent to 1:100,000 scale. You will NOT notice the topo features until you get down to some degree of detail, such as 3 kilometers. In other words if your screen is set for 50 kilometers you can not see hills but if your screen is down to 500 meters you can see a lot of topographic features. Map Source is also upgradeable from the Internet to get the lastest versions and changes. In the Border Patrol we have a number of these Garmin GPSMap76S units and in my personal one I use the Topo map source. It does NOT show topographic features outside of the USA so Map Source is useless for foreign climbs.

iamaclimber - Aug 28, 2003 3:44 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I didn't think that I needed to replace my Garmin 12 that was at least six years old until a good friend showed up with the Map 76S. After spending a little time using my friends I had to have one. The map feature is worth the price and with an electric compass you don't have to be moving to get an accurate idea of where you are or the direction you are facing. All of the sensor readings that I have gotten off of this unit are accurate.
My unit locates its position faster that the older GPS12 and is much easier on the two AA batteries than my older unit was on the four AA batteries that it required. The times that Garmin says the batteries will last is pretty accurate.
I also purchased the optional MetroGuide that gives you detailed information such as next intersection, rest areas on the interstate, and will even list and lead you to local services for food, lodging, gasoline, etc. This is great when you head to new areas to climb or backpack. Just remember to download the info for your destination into the GPS before you go there.
The prices are coming down on these units and have already droped $50.00 since I bought mine. Don't plan on buying one of these on your way to the trailhead and expect to get the most out of it. Spend some time with the unit in familiar areas before you depend on it to get you off the mountain in a whiteout. The government spent over 12 billion $ to get this system operating. The money you spend to tap into it is worth it.

mihai_a380 - Sep 9, 2010 8:37 am - Hasn't voted

Rugged GPS
Good rugged GPS receiver.
I had one for 6 years and still working just fine. The reason I want to change it is that the new modells have better reception in the woods and because i can load on them jpeg maps. Otherwise I would keep it.

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