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Gregory Z55 Backpack
Gear Review

Gregory Z55 Backpack

Gregory Z55 Backpack

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Object Title: Gregory Z55 Backpack

Manufacturer: Gregory

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The Gregory Z55 backpack is a popular camping backpack manufactured by Gregory Mountain Products. It is a medium size pack that will rest snugly on your back and see you through the toughest of backcountry trails.

Like all Gregory backpacks, the Z55 is tough, versatile and above all, superbly comfortable. These backpacks seriously take the pain out of backpacking!


The Gregory Z55 backpack is a 'Ventilated' backpack meaning that it is designed to keep you cool, which can be an important consideration if you generally hike in hot climes. This true ventilation is thanks to the internal frame which minimises contact between the pack and the center of your back. Air is free to waft against the sweat on your back and gently wick it away.


As standard with Gregory backpacks, the Z55 comes in different sizes. This is because not all humans are equal and a given backpack cannot possibly fit a short person as comfortably as a tall person. Thus the small size Z55 has a capacity of 51 liters whereas the large size has a capacity of 61 liters.

If your size and desired capacity combo are not working out, you can look into the larger 'Triconi 60' or the smaller 'Z45' models. Note however, the Triconi 60 does not feature 'Jetstream' ventilation.


Tried and tested, the Gregory Z55 backpack carrys upto 40lbs of weight which is distributed evenly across the hips thanks to the well designed waistbelt. Backpack weight does not increase significantly across the sizes. The small weighs 3lbs 13ozs and the large is just 6ozs more.


Another great feature of the Z55 are the waistbelt's three adjustable size options which might just come in handy if you had a bit too much breakfast!

All in all, a great pack.



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