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Vest style, double gear sling, with two gear loops on either shoulder.
Detachable miniature rucksack 13lts, which can be attached to both (Grivel) Alpine and alpine light packs.
Hydro unit pocket.
"key" pocket.
Two external drink bottle (fish net) pockets.
One tool loops.
Five loop daisy chain.
Chest harness.


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noah - Feb 3, 2003 2:06 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Handy little pack, that I have used for short day alpine climbs, a bit of mixed and have used it for snowboarding as well.
Grivel say that you can get into the pack while still wearing it !!! I would like to see how.
The gear loops on the shoulder straps are very handy, but the underarm gear slings are a bit tight (in my veiw) and hard to get at if you are wearing mutliple layers of clothing.
Because the pack itself rides high on your back it gives good freedom of movement.
I am not a fan of the tool loop at all, it uses an elastic draw cord which is attached to the pack from the daisy chain. Which i think is to low on the pack and tends to leave to much of the handle hanging free from the pack (to get caught on things or to take out your partners eye) even with a short tec tool.
The sac can also be removed and the harness used to rack gear on, but i have never used it solely in that way.

rhyang - Jun 17, 2007 9:49 pm - Voted 4/5

Love it for leading
I like this little pack for cragging and some short day alpine climbs - for me it holds a pair of shoes, light outer layer, snacks, rain poncho, 2L platypus hydration bladder, etc. handily.

The gear harness makes it easy to organize your stuff for leading and carry way too much crap :) I think everyone who uses this thing has a different system. A more experienced partner turned me on to this pack, so I use a variation of what he does: small cams/nuts on top loops, larger ones just below, generally nothing on 3rd loops, belay-related stuff on lowest loops.

I haven't used the ice axe holder at all, but it looks like it would not work very well. I have used the daisy chain for such things as clipping my helmet on the approach :)

If I am going on a longer climb and require carrying tools/crampons/more clothes I carry the MEC Alpinelite 30 instead.

The pack can be detached so you can use the gear harness independently, which is a convenient feature sometimes.

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