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Uses almost ALL types of Fuel.


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Distel32 - Oct 27, 2002 7:17 pm - Voted 5/5

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The greatest stove ever made. So it does cost a little extra, but it's worth it. Boils water in a jiffy with the flame set very low. Very fuel efficient, I only take one 20 oz. canister when I'm going on a trip under 5 days. Very small and not too heavy. Great construction, feat work well, gripy base keeps pots on top. Go pick one up for yourself.

rgmackie - Nov 18, 2003 12:28 am - Voted 2/5

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I’ve had problems with this stove, such as it’s:

·unreliable at higher altitudes (>16,000’)

·very susceptible to being blown out by even light winds

·very hard to get replacement parts

·has little interchangeability or compatibility with plumbing or bottle components from other stoves

It's good points are that it is small and collapsable, and did work OK in undemanding situations.

However, having an unreliable and difficult to maintain stove such as this can ruin your expedition or just be a complete aggravation on a camping trip. Stick with an MSR.

tsteine - Mar 26, 2004 12:44 pm - Voted 4/5

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I usually use this stove without its stand and put it in a Trangia wind shield which makes outdoor cooking almost as easy as at home.
It worked fine for me in altitudes as high as 13K, I did not use it at higher elevations,though, where an other poster mentions issues. In strong winds I had the flame blown off once or twice, however I cannot compare to the wind stability of other liquid fuel stoves. It is certainly better than the gas stoves I used. The big plus for me is, I can use it with the Trangia system.

Corax - Dec 28, 2004 1:45 pm - Voted 2/5

NOT for expeditions
It is a good stove on low altitude, using clean fuel.
When reaching 4500m it started burn a bit uneven, on 5000m it started to sputter and on 5500m it was hard to get it going. No signs of real life at all on 6000m.
The stove is also very senstive to dirty fuels, which shouldn't be taken lightly if you are heading for the third world, where clean fuel can be hard to find.

The magnetic stick which you use fo cleaning the jet works fine, but is heavy.
The bag which you get buying the stove is not big enough and I found it hard to pack.

There are too many sharp edges on some corners close to o-rings and sealings. If an o-ring gets cut and fuel leaks out on a stove...

I use this stove back home, on low elevation, with good fuel and it works great then, but I would never use it on an expedition again.

Ario - Feb 4, 2006 12:16 pm - Voted 2/5

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Definitly not a "expedition stove" as mountaineers expect it, regardless of the manufacturer's claim: if you follow the manufacturers instructions, there is no chance you could run this stove above 5000m. This stove was my nightmare on Aconcagua and I had to "re-engineer" it to be able to melt the snow I needed to survive.
If you already have one and still want to use it in high altitude feel free to contact me for "modification" ideas.
This was the first "poor sweedish product" I have ever bought.

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