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PocketRocket boils a liter of water in under 3.5 minutes. The glove-friendly controls allow precise flame adjustment and stability. Windclip™ Windshield protects flame in light wind gusts. Burns MSR IsoPro™ Premium Fuel. No need for priming, pressurizing or maintenance. Ultralight, Pocket-Sized, 4x4x2 inches. Simple, Lightening-Fast Operation.

BACKPACKER Magazine Tester Andy Dappen said, "This midget flamethrower is one of the lightest backpacking stoves available, and the best cartridge stove I’ve used."



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Rahel Maria Liu - Aug 14, 2002 11:22 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
It's a very light and very powerful stove. I used it the first time for a bivouac on Col de la Brenva, 4303 m (2 nights). I used it with a 1 l alu pot. The snow became boiled water within a few minutes.
The only disadvantage: It does not seem to be very strong, since it is already tilted after this usage during this one bivouac. But actually, it does not matter in snow, whether it's a little tilted or not. You can level the balance out easily.

Richard Purchon - Sep 23, 2002 9:01 am - Voted 2/5

Untitled Review
i have had 2 of these stoves! both of them leaked Gas! so i sent them back. i have now changed to GO Gas Alpine Stove and GO Gas summit stove and they are two of the best stoves i have ever used.

Alan Ellis - Oct 23, 2002 7:43 am - Voted 4/5

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I replaced my white gas with this stove because of the weight. For three season use, it's perfect. It is unbelievable how hot this stove gets and how fast it boils water. Does better with the wind screen and temps above freezing.

Dean - Nov 6, 2002 3:47 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Really nice lightweight stove. It actually allowed me to put my trusty Svea 123 away for good. I lusted after the piezo feature found on the Giga and Super fly but was able to buy for 9.95 a MSR autostart piezo unit and attach it to the PR. Works great. I also leave the stove attached to the canister at all times and just put inside of an empty gatorade bottle which serves as a case and allows me instant access to the stove when I need it. The only gripe I have about this stove is that the three prongs are a little flimsy so care is required in positioning your pot on it. Other than that, I appreciate this neat little bit of modern technology.

fmajor - Dec 13, 2002 2:10 am - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
This little beauty is my new 3 season dinner heater. I found it boils water quickly - I didn't do a time study - it just seemed awfully fast - approx., 3-4 minutes. Easy to use - basically, a "turn and burn" stove.

OK, its a little more involved than just that -
1. screw the fuel tank on (metal on metal - a very GOOD thing);
2. open the cute little on/off adjustment gizmo;
3. flick yer lighter;
4. fire starts.

Its small and lite to pack (i would maybe consider it for cold weather stuff were i not concerned about the fuel not vaporizing in the cold). It also has a nifty little plastic carrying "case". Also, using a windscreen is not recommended by MSR, but if used with care they work well to stabilize the flame and direct the heat upward instead of the flame being blown around.

My only concern (though nothing has happened yet) is the pot holder supports seem flimsy, but so far it has performed flawlessly. I've been using this stove for a couple of years now and as of today, 1/11/05, it continues to prove itself as a quality made and highly functional piece of equipment. It's well-made, efficient and easy use.

NYC007 - Feb 23, 2003 8:10 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
This is the best unit I have used, plus the lightest, if used carefully can be used all year round under 14000 ft.. Boils great, stores easy, akward with bigger post, but who wants to bring big pots.. I dont like priming, and with canister you dont have to..

TacoSmuggler - Feb 25, 2003 7:35 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
Perfect stove for 3 seasons! You cant beat the size and the weight! The stove and the gas both fit inside my cooking pot set !

Mike Zastoupil - Feb 28, 2003 7:20 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
This is a great stove for most trips. Does a great job at 14K feet to boil water for a hot meal or some hot caffine. My wisperlite sits idle now on a self sad and lonely.

Pufflebrush - Apr 22, 2003 8:29 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Good little stove. Boils water very fast. Extremly light and small. Very comparable to Snow Peak stoves that cost a great deal more. Though the pot supports seem flimsy, I have not have any problems after using this stove dozens of times.

This stove biggest drawback is that if there is any sort of wind you really can't use the stove.

Other larger canister stoves such as the MSR Superfly or the Primus Yellowstone perform much better in breezy conditions.

Hack - Nov 22, 2003 9:34 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Great little stove, packs real small and cooks real fast. Only problem that I have with it is more with the fuel as it tends to struggle with cold temperatures. Easy to use, holds most pots of various sizes well.

Matt K - Dec 4, 2003 7:49 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Excellent small and lightweight stove. It is my first choice in moderate to warm temperatures. It struggles in cold weather as do most canister stoves.

It boils water quickly and gets the job done well. It is kinda loud, but that doesn't bother me. It also can be tricky to balance a larger pot on the small stove. This is my first canister stove so I admit I may be biased.

Nikolas_A - Dec 17, 2003 4:48 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
It's perfect for what it is designed to do (don't take it on a Himalayan expedition). I have used it in very low temperatures and did great. You have to take some care though to protect it from the wind (I always carry some aluminum foil for a screen) and keep it steady (I use a lightweight tripod that clamps under the cartridge).
It stores great. When I'm cooking for just myself I can fit it in my Inox mug, together with lighter, spoon, tripod, aluminum foil, sawn off toothbrush :-) some teabags & a couple of instand soup packets.

Nikolas_A - Mar 30, 2012 7:38 am - Voted 5/5

Re: Untitled Review
After many years of tough use, I must say I'm very pleased with the little thing, but I thing I'll be using a liquid feed stove when snow camping, and keep the PocketRocket for fast and light outings.

Also I saw a good mod here, I think I'll do it to my stove too...

Moni - Jul 16, 2004 12:00 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
Gave one of these to a friend for her birthday. We used it last weekend - what a great stove! Quick and easy to set up and light. Seems to be just as fast as the Super Fly that Fred and I own. It apparently isn't meant to be used on other brands of bottles like Super Fly can (but I haven't tried). Both stoves are a little touchy in wind - need to construct a shelter if it's windy (be careful to not let the cartridge overheat. I love the way it has its own packing box - something the Super Fly lacks.

xskier77 - Jun 10, 2004 4:50 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
I just picked this stove up for a trip to Little Bear and Blanca peak. We used it to melt snow on the summit of Blanca and prepare meals on the summit as well. The stove worked exceptionally well even at 14,345 ft. It boils water very quickly, is super light and very very easy to light. I love the fact that there is no priming needed and no messy fuel to deal with. Just screw the stove onto a canister, open the valve, and light.

miztflip - Nov 27, 2004 11:31 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Great lightweight stove that can be used on fast alpine climbs and as an emergency stove.

Three prong pot stand is not very stable and pot is easily tipped over.

Very packable and inexpensive.

Erik Beeler - Nov 29, 2004 3:42 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I love the size and weight of this stove. I have been using in stead of my Whisper ever since I got it.

I have been hearing that it won't work in cold weather but it did work fine at 20F. The higher you go the better it will work and over 16000 feet they should work great due to the lower pressure.

I have noticed if I am in a hurry and don't make sure the stove is screwed onto the cannister tight enough it won't flow gas. Probably a good feature.

Best used if you are planning on travelling fast and light and the temperatures are not going to get too cold.

Tajji - Dec 23, 2004 3:52 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I thought this was a great stove for backpacking...super light and easy to use. It did just fine on my last trip into the Bighorns. Like many people have said, it is a bit unstable, but with a bit of thought in placing, it will be of great use. Just make sure that a windscreen of some sort is used to avoid fighting any breezes.

BobSmith - Apr 14, 2005 10:09 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
An excellent stove. I used mine for the first time on a trip to Middle Prong Wilderness in NC. Used it as 5800 feet and it worked great. Boiled water really fast. I think a windscreen would be a benefit, so I'm going to construct one of my own. I've heard that the Rocket is not that stable, but some care in placement and use is all that is required to keep the stove and/or pot from tipping. I had no problem with this.

The greatest thing for me is that it opened up a lot of space in my pack that had been used for my old stove and the liquid fuel I had to carry for it.

The stove folds up super-small in its own plastic case, the cannister doesn't take up nearly as much space as my old fuel bottle and stove. It also cools down very fast so that you can store it away very soon after using it.

Derek Franzen - Jun 20, 2005 12:09 am - Voted 5/5

MSR Pocket Rocket
Excellent stove, lightweight and a space saver. I've used it from sea level to 10,000' without a hitch. I use a windscreen (opened on one side) but not recommended by MSR because of the neoprene O-ring and the MSR stove base (on snow). Melts snow and boils water quickly. An 8oz Isopro canister burns about an hour (at almost full on). The stove is easy to light and adjust. Shop around and you can find it for around $18. I also use the MSR Rapidfire which uses the same fuel canister.

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