Go Gas Zenith Stove


Go Gas Zenith Stove
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Object Title Go Gas Zenith Stove
Manufacturer Go Gas
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Product Description

Low profile stove for general hiking and alpine use.


Dimensions: H:W:D Folded with windshield 130:145:38
Weight: 440g (290g without windshield)
Burns: Standard threaded butane/propane mix gas canisters plus puncture type with addition of Go Gas adapter
Time to boil 1 litre: 4 min 50 sec
Designed for extreme cold weather use
Removable windshield, which folds up with stove into small package
3 adjustable feet for added stability.

Currently Go Gas have no website (or I am unable to find it)

General Comments

From an engineering, aesthetics and ergonomic point of view, the Go Gas Zenith stove is a masterpiece of design. It is very apparent that a lot of time has been spent, for example the clips that hold the windshield in place have been made as light as possible by being drilled. There are nice touches such as the adjustable feet, and the pleasing sound of a good roar as it speedily heats the contents of your pot.

The Zenith is one of three stoves I use fairly regularly, and sits nicely in the middle. It isn't the lightest or smallest for true alpine requirements and isn't large enough for a group/team expeditions, but fits hikes and medium height alpine camps.

With use my comments would be that the adjustable feet are a nice touch but you tend just to re-site the stove than fiddle with the legs. The windshield when attached limits the maximum pot size to an 85mm radius, however this is easily removed, but defeats the object of having it. A concern is that the fitment that enables the gas pipe to be disconnected is a tight fit (as expected) but in time has warn the 'o' rings and becomes harder to insert. Some have recommended leaving the two connected. It is also relatively expensive, you can buy lighter and more versatile models for the same price range, but some will say you get what you pay for.

In conclusion the Go Gas Zenith stove is a good all-rounder



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mountainmanmark - Mar 12, 2008 8:36 pm - Voted 4/5

Good All-Rounder
Excellent build quality for a go anywhere do anything stove. Particularly suited to general camping and medium height alpine use.

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