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Rambo 4
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Product Description

The Rambo 4 is the fourth evolution of this classic vertical ice climbing crampon. It integrates the proven active anti-balling system, simplifies adjustment and modernizes point configuration. The anti-bott and Accordion are built in to the system to prevent snow from building up underfoot. Three single bolts allow length adjustment, front point replacement or heel spur removal respectively. Rambo 4 is a mono-point crampon that features a half-length support point to improve stability without affecting penetration. Aggressive tertiary points face the rear to provide maximum bite and versatility. Four points are oriented perpendicularly to the axis of the side rail points to increase security while descending. Rambo 4 is patented


Add Features text here.2lb 13oz (1276g).

Adjustment tools included

Heel Spurs included



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climbxclimb - Feb 12, 2010 2:10 pm - Voted 5/5

Great crampons
I switched to these from my Petzl M10, but not without some customization to fit my LS Trango Prime and Spantik.
The crampons are very aggressive and they penetrate ice much better that the M10 with a very good stability.
They can be adjusted very easily and for being a pair of rigid crampons walking in them is not that bad.
In order to achieve a better fit with LS boots I did the following:

I used the front bail from a pair of M10, this required a little bit of saw cutting on the bail because the way this is built. If you put it in the second hole on the crampon the bail conflicts with the attachment rod of the front point, not a big deal, but you cannot use the 3rd hole unless you cut more of the bail and you may compromise the security of it.
For the heel I used the Grivel heel bail because it worked better, but I changed the security strap to the Petzl one, because I like it more.
The fit is prefect now on both boots...a true hybrid...

anita - Jan 5, 2011 9:33 am - Voted 5/5

easy to adjust, and as mentioned, walking in them is not that bad either. having only used G14's up to now, I do notice a difference - the mono point is nice, and like the stability from them being rigid. do prefer G14's for lower angle stuff though.

jrisku - Apr 7, 2011 6:46 am - Voted 5/5

Simply put the best steep waterfall ice crampon there is
Rambo 4 is simply put the best steep waterfall ice crampon there is. It's stable, it sticks well, it's acurate. The climbing experience with Rambo 4s is great. While it's monopoint (by default) the small secondary point makes it as stable as double points. Rambo 4 combines the best of mono and double points. While some people complain the antibots of Rambo 4, I've found them excellent. There are two slight problems though, first Rambo 4's may not fit to every boot (i.e. it's riggid), second the active piece of Rambo 4 antibot tends to partially detach (this is easy to fix most of the time though --> You need to check your crampons after a climbing day.).

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