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A fully featured adventure racing pack, big enough for multi-day hiking and other fast and lite adventures for those on the go.


Speed Suspension ? Anatomically Contoured Air-Channel Mesh Back, For 30 Pound Loads

SilLite? Body and Floating Top Lid with 2 Pockets, Arrowhead Cordura® Ripstop Bottom

3-Liter Platypus® H2O Big-Zip Reservoir, HyperFlow? Bite Valve, 5 External Mesh Pockets

Helmet Holder, Daisy Chain, Tool Retention Strap, Contoured Shoulder Straps, Sternum Strap

Hourglass Shape for Free Elbow Swing, Haul Loop

Small 1lb 9oz and 2700 cubic inches

Medium 1lb 10oz and 2850 cubic inches

Large 1lb 11oz and 3000 cubic inches


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foolscongress - Feb 28, 2005 8:41 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I have a speed and I love it. I've cut extra pockets and other bits off and got mine down to just over a pound. A foam pad folded and put inside the pack is all the frame needed, and made it comfortable up to 30 lbs. At 15-25 lbs. you can't even feel it, and it's not horrible even at loads over 30.

The fabric is durable for its weight, and the unpadded shoulder harness is strangely comfortable. There's enough room for a week of light summer packing or an overnight winter climbing trip. On longer climbing trips this pack is light enough to bring along as a day hike/summit pack. Simple external pockets organize overflow and must-haves well.

Two negatives: I don't love the way the lid closure works. I see what they were aiming for (lid expansion), but can be a little floppy while climbing unless it's gigged down right. The other thing is the stitching; the fabric proved to be durable enough (if not hauled up pitch after pitch), but the stitching could be better. I managed to tear the seam between the pack body and the extension collar while packing it.

I've used my Speed on the Muir Trail, summer on Shasta, winter ice climbing, 2 weeks backpacking in Italy, various weekend backpacks.

I've had several packs of the more usual (larger, tougher) variety. This pack is very different, but I find it's the one I reach for most of the time now.

horalka - Jan 23, 2006 1:08 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
I got this backpack (size small) last winter and have used it pretty often for variety of different kinds of hikes. One to three days.

I like it a lot for day hikes when caring stuff for two people, because this backpack to feel ok and to close ok needs to be a little more full. It came free with 3liter platypus bladder which I enjoy very much. Until than I have been using Outdoor Products 2L bladder and in hot weather the water was definitely taking the flavor of the plastic. This is not happening with the platypus line and so I started buying more and more of their products (1 & 2 liter collapsible bottles, different closing tops act.). It also fits right in to the Katadyn water filter so there is one tube less to carry.

It performs well with about 20-25lb loads, but anything above that starts to feel a little flimsy. It is very well patted on shoulders and back, but there is no back support and so on long distance hiking the waist belt is just not enough.
I also found the top closing little annoying especially when the pack is not very full. It falls of the sides and exposes the top closing.

Have been in some serious rain and besides getting some stuff little moist in the top pocket it took rain very well.

Material seems on the first sight very fragile, but it is pretty tough. I have some scuff marks on the body from going bouldering and squeezing between rocks. The stitching could be definitely better. Had to sew a mash pocket back to the main body. It probably got ripped while trying to fit a water bottle or so in it.
Also the helmet pocket is probably more meant to take a bicycling helmet than climbing helmet. I have the Petzl Elios and it just fits in a sometimes with the stitches little loose I am afraid it will rip.

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