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Pages Up for Adoption

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If you're the maintainer of a page & you'd rather not be, you can attach it here. You should also add a note to the top of your page indicating a) that the page is up for adoption, and b) the best way to contact you so you can assign the page to a new owner. You can also advertise your page in this thread.

If you're planning to leave SP and delete your user account, the way to preserve your pages from deletion is to transfer them to the user Orphanage. Please attach them here first; they aren't automatically added to this page (though they're discoverable through the link just below:).

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If you're looking for a page to adopt, this is the place to find it.
Once you've adopted a page, you can detach it from here.






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Guidelines for Maintaining pages

A quick reminder: The strength of SP is that it is a source of firsthand knowledge.

To maintain a mountain or route page, you should have climbed it. Ditto for canyons. For huts, you should have stayed there, and so on.

For Areas/Ranges, it is often not possible to have climbed every peak, but you should have significant firsthand experience in the area.