Perched synclines collected

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Perched synclines collected
Created On: Jan 21, 2010
Last Edited On: Sep 28, 2010

What's a "perched syncline" ?

Let's start with the definition of a "syncline" (definition on Wikipedia) : In short, it is a geologic feature like a "V" fold in layered sedimentary ground, which often occurs when the layers tend to go horizontally, but twisted by the tectonic forces. In analogy, an "anticline" is the convex opposite form, where the sedimentary layers form a dome, and a "monocline" is flat (for instance, the Grand Canyon region is a large monocline dug by erosion).

A "perched syncline", or "perched synclinal", differenciates itself by the fact it stands elevated from the surrounding terrain. Contrary to the monoclines, they form very characteristic mountains, looking like fortresses surrounded by walls.

Where are the perched synclinals ?

In all mountains made of sedimentary stones. In Europe, there are many in regions like the Provence Alps, in the Dolomites. In Africa, they are found in abundance in the Atlas. In the USA, they are countless in the many regions of canyons, and in South America, the tallest of them is the ... Aconcagua itself, despites it partly fails to the rule, not being made only of the same type of rock.
This list-album aims to collect them all. Just add to it the mountains which correspond to the definition of perched synclinals ! I will add a photo every time a new is added.

The list

 San Donato in winter. 1th...San Donato, Spain
Saou cliff 01Le Saoû, France
Route to MuráňMuráň, Slovakia
Le GranierLe Granier, France
The west face of Torrecilla...Torrecilla, Italy
schneebergSchneeberg, Austria
 Zupci & Sedlena GredaSedlena Greda, Montenegro
[img:654386:aligncenter:medium:El Turbón, Spain]

Perched synclines collected

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